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classic Mini archive by MK1 Performance Conversions

MK1 Performance Conversions website

If you visit the Library of Motoring for the MINI archive of ads, books, brochures, and manuals and are a fan of the classic Mini, check out the website of MK1 Performance Conversions.  This UK website has an extensive archive of classic Mini advertisements, brochures, documents, press releases, and manuals.

MINI Roadster print ad campaign

MINI Roadster print ad 1 MINI Roadster print ad 2 MINI Roadster print ad 4

Earlier this week we featured the MINI Roadster video: Saturday in Istanbul.  Today we have seven print ads for the forthcoming MINI Roadster, some which have the Roadster share the spotlight with its “accomplice” (according to MINI) the MINI Coupe.  Print ads should start showing up in magazines in January 2012.  The ad slogans are:

  • Half the Seats TWICE the Fun.
  • Think Twice STILL Do It.
  • Survival of the QUICKEST.
  • From A to B OR NOT to B?
  • Made to CROSS the Line.
  • Get Used to Being FOLLOWED.
  • Choose Your ACCOMPLICE Wisely.
MINI Roadster print ad 3 MINI Raodster print ad 5
MINI Roadster print ad 6 MINI Raodster print ad 7

MINI Cooper S Coupe print ad


Action packed with a six-speed transmission, MacPherson suspension and a 181-horsepower turbocharged engine, this Cooper S two-seater leaves no room for anyone to tell you to slow down. In fact, when you hit 50 MPH, the rear spoiler automatically raises for better downforce, practically begging you to go even faster.  THE NEW MINI COUPE. HOLD ON.

A few days ago we featured the first MINI Coupe print ad for the John Cooper Works Coupe.  Here we have one for the MINI Cooper S Coupe shown in Lightning Blue and Silver.

The print ad can be found these issues:

  • Car and Driver. November 2011. (page 43)
  • The MINI International. Vol. 36. #2/2011. (page 75)

first MINI Coupe print ad


Action packed with a six-speed manual transmission, MacPherson suspension and a road-devouring 208-horsepower engine, this John Cooper Works two-seater lets you feed your craving for speed. And when you hit 50 MPH, the rear spoiler automatically raises for better downforce, begging you to go even faster in the fastest MINI yet. THE NEW MINI COUPE. HOLD ON.

Now that the MINI Coupe is officially on sale, MINI USA has begun its print ad campaign.  Expect to find more MINI Coupe ads in November issues of magazines arriving to subscribers now.

The ad shown here can be found in the following issues:

  • Automobile. November 2011. (page 87)
  • Motor Trend. November 2011. (page 77)
  • Road & Track. November 2011. (back cover)

Virtual MINI app ad

Virtual MINI app ad
Recently we mentioned the Virtual MINI Countryman app by BSSP.

BSSP has created a print ad to promote the app.


Introducing the bigger, four-door, all-wheel drive MINI Countryman.  Use your iPhone® and the new Virtual MINI app to see how it looks in your driveway, on the edge of an incredible cliff or anywhere else your heart desires.

The ad includes a large QR code which, when scanned with your smartphone, takes you to the iTunes App Store.

It can be found on page 094 of the March 2011 issue of WIRED.

MINI Countryman ads in The New Yorker

 MINI Countryman ad in The New Yorker (page 25)  MINI Countryman ad in The New Yorker (page 27)

The February 28, 2011 issue of The New Yorker contains a series of three column ads for the MINI Countryman.  Similar to previous MINI column ads, these ads “intrude” upon the surrounding ads and cartoon.  The text of the small ads says simply “MINI COUNTRYMAN. The all-new, bigger MINI.”.  They can be found on pages 25, 27, and 29.

Read about the placing of these ads at

MINI Countryman ad in The New Yorker (page 29)

PDF Friday: The MINI One-Gallon Challenge.

This crossword puzzle ad comes from 2007 and features the increased fuel efficiency of the second-generation MINI Cooper.


JUST HOW LONG CAN A GALLON OF GAS LAST? Depends. Seconds if you’re in a rocket ship. Ages if you’re in a MINI, which is the next best thing. So, to simulate this miles-per-gallon miracle, and show just how long it takes to use a gallon of gas when driving a MINI, we commissioned Fred Piscop, editor of the Washington Post Sunday Magazine crossword, to create this puzzle. Unless you’re a word whiz, it should take you about 40 minutes or longer to complete. Good luck. And may your lexicon be lengthy.

Download The MINI One-Gallon Challenge.

second US MINI Countryman print ad

MINI USA’s ad agency Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners has followed up its first US MINI Countryman print ad with this new one featuring a Pure Red MINI Cooper S Countryman ALL4.

Introducing the bigger, four-door, all-wheel drive MINI Countryman.

The print ad can be found in these magazine issues:

  • Motor Trend. March 2011. (inside back cover)
  • Road & Track. March 2011. (page 4)

collectible of the day: LET’S GEAR IT TO GO/SHOW. ad



LET’S GEAR IT TO GO. Let’s throw ’em on and lace ’em up. Let’s pull no punches. Let’s take no prisoners. Let’s take no wooden nickels. Let’s run it hard. Let’s put it away wet. Let’s walk the walk. Let’s back the talk. Let’s keep the rubber side down. LET’S MOTOR.

LET’S GEAR IT TO SHOW. Let’s find the perfect combination of boss and bitchin’. Let’s turn some heads. Let’s raise some eyebrows. Let’s raise some heart rates. Let’s bust open the saloon doors and swagger in. Let’s strut. Let’s stride. Let’s show ’em how we roll. LET’S MOTOR.

This two-sided ad insert shows a MINI with changeable wheels. You can pull down the inside sheet to display various wheels, some real and some custom.

The MINI USA catalog number is INS005-04.

The “LET’S GEAR IT TO GO. LET’S GEAR IT TO SHOW.” ad insert can be found in these magazine issues:

  • Automobile. July 2004.
  • Business 2.0. Vol. 5, No. 5. June 2004. (between pages 80 & 81)
  • FHM. June 2004. (between pages 48 & 49)