Model Year 2000 Product Brief
Each year MINI USA prints a Product Brief for the Motoring Advisors to describe in detail the MINI vehicles and to highlight the new features.  Pictured is the Model Year 2009 Product Brief which was issued in January 2009.  Inside, the tabbed sections cover THE CONCEPT, BENEFIT CATEGORIES,  PRODUCT RANGE, POWER AND PERFORMANCE, SAFETY AND SECURITY, COMFORT  AND CONVENIENCE, YOU-IFICATION, OWNERSHIP, TECHNICAL DATA, and IDIOSYNCRASIES.

The 148 page spiral-bound glossy book describes in deep detail the standard equipment and options on the 2009 MINI range and gives selling points.  There are tables showing all options packages, body/roof color combinations, available wheels by size, fuel economy, and technical data.  It ends with the familiar IDIOSYNCRASIES, or usual characteristics, of the MINI.