MINI service stickers
In 2003, these small window clings began appearing in the service departments of MINI dealers in the US.  Instead of showing the mileage until the next oil change, they displayed short, quirky phrases.  MINI technicians could place them inside the windscreen after a service.  The known phrases are:

  • A dirty MINI isn’t neglected. It’s experienced.
  • Always keep the talk half full. Inspiration may be at the next light.
  • Consider a road trip every 3000 miles.
  • Don’t be afraid of nicks and dings. Scars are sexy.
  • Driving directions are like rules. They’re meant to be broken.
  • Every once in a while, take the “long cut”.
  • Get lost. You never know what you’ll find.
  • Give the gift of motoring. Pay someone’s toll.
  • If the radio stations are fuzzy, tune in a little conversation.
  • Just a reminder: dogs love to motor.
  • Leave no street undiscovered. No subdivision unexplored.
  • Make spontaneity part of your routine.
  • More mileage equals more perspective.
  • Never be limited by your city limits.
  • Odometers don’t just measure miles. They measure experiences.
  • Point A to Point B is not always the point.
  • Run an errand for nothing in particular.
  • Share the motoring. Find yourself a co-pilot.
  • Share the road, but occasionally get some asphalt to yourself.
  • Some of the best motoring can be done with the engine off.
  • Take time to smell a roadside fruit stand.
  • Yield to oncoming inspiration.

There are probably more.  If you have one not listed, please add it in the comments.