• collectible of the day: Standing Plush Bulldog with Jacket

    The mascot of the MINI since launch has been the bulldog.  And since then, MINI USA has offered a plush bulldog.  The original standing MINI Plush Bulldog wore just a collar with MINI on it.  […]

  • Fireball Tim on MINI Cooper Killers

    Our favorite “Movie Car Design Master” and MINI enthusiast, Fireball Tim, writes in his latest article on CarDomain Blog about two up-coming so-called “MINI killers”: “Case in point… The Audi A1 and Citroen Ds3. I’ve […]

  • collectible of the day: vol.2 MINI

    Most books about the MINI come from the US, UK, and Germany, the three largest markets for the MINI.  Japan is an important market for the MINI, just as it was for the classic Mini.  […]

  • collectible of the day: MINI Clinic syringe pen

    MINI has offered many styles of pens for sale (more of which we’ll include in this series).  But the free promotional ones are much more interesting.  Pictured is the MINI Clinic syringe pen complete with […]