MINI LINK screenshot
Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners present a walk-through of MINI LINK, a “MINI Map-Based iPhone Community App”.  During the nearly two and a half minute video, the demonstration shows how to configure your MINI avatar by customizing the MINI graphic, how to use map and browse views, change your settings, send a wave, and access rally mode.

MINI LINK can be used by non-MINI owners who will get a “simplified version” of the app.  MINI owners get full use of the app by entering their VIN and signing in.

Using the map view, MINI owners can graphically see other MINIs, hotspots, event locations, and breadcrumbs.  Switch to browse view to see items in lists.

When other MINIs are nearby, you can select and send a wave (see image) or set up an automatic wave for anyone who motors nearby.

Finally, select Rally Mode which sends a alert to all MINIs in a specified radius to follow you.  This feature can be used for rally planners to organize road rallies.

Watch the walk-through video for MINI LINK.