Unauthorized Owner's Manual
Owning a MINI is fun enough, but MINI USA goes further to make the experience even better.  In the early years of the MINI, that meant welcome packages, free coffee mugs, and clever items like this UNAUTHORIZED OWNER’S MANUAL.

This stapled, 32 page brochure from 2002 covers topics like helpful British car terminology, the best places to stash stuff in your MINI, customizing your MINI, making room for romance in your MINI, essentials of good motoring mojo, and additional reading.

The manual states:

This manual is not intended to help you understand the operation and maintenance of your motor vehicle. Rather, it is meant to provide you with invaluable information that would, under normal driving conditions, take most car owners months to discover for themselves. Information that has been painstakingly gleaned from many hours of vehicle operation.

The booklet includes a page of stickers to label your toggle switches including “INVISIBLITY”, “MARBLES”, and “EJECTOR SEAT”.

Toggle Switch Re-Labeling Kit