MINI’s experimental all-electric vehicle, the MINI E, is being tested in the US, UK, and Germany.

official websites

owner’s websites

Selected owners are leasing the vehicles for one year.  Many of them are writing about their experiences.  Here are some links to MINI E websites around the world:

  • MINI E #005 – Joel Sheiner’s (@jsheiner) Twitter feed from Orange County, California.
  • MINI E #006 – David’s (@NoGasMini) Twitter feed from Orange County, California.
  • MINI E #014 – Kathy Bakken’s blog includes a few posts about her MINI E.
  • MINI E #017 – “Edju’s MINI E Journey aka Honest-E Blog of MINI PIG #017”.
  • MINI E #019 – David Van Middlesworth’s blog on his MINI E.  Also has a Twitter feed (@DavidVanM).
  • MINI E #030 – Roy Par’s blog from California with lots of photos.
  • MINI E #053 – Mark’s blog with video and a gallery.
  • MINI E #059 – Stan’s blog which is regularly updated.
  • MINI E #066 – David A.Kodama’s website about the MINI E and other electric vehicles.
  • MINI E #085 – Genesis Energy Corporation’s MINI E charged using solar energy.
  • MINI E #111 – Peter Trepp’s blog from Southern California (see videos below).
  • MINI E #140 – Todd and Kari from Long Beach, California.
  • MINI E #148 – EV Nation articles and charging station and range maps.
  • MINI E #161 – Andrew Weisman’s (@aweisman7) Twitter feed.
  • MINI E #172 – Twitter feed (@MiniE172) from the perspective of a MINI E in Southern California.
  • MINI E #183 – Peder Norby’s blog from Carlsbad, California whose MINI is charged with solar power.
  • MINI E #203 – Hal Purdy’s blog (not active).
  • MINI E #217A blogger from Rockland County, NY with stats, gallery, and pros & cons.
  • MINI E #230 – A blog from an artist living in Newport Beach, California.
  • MINI E #237 – Roni’s blog from New York.
  • MINI E #249 – Cliff Sauders’ blog from Baiting Hollow, New York.
  • MINI E #250Tom Moloughney’s blog with “the good, the bad and possibly the ugly”.
  • MINI E #269 – Michael Graham’s blog from South Orange, New Jersey.
  • MINI E #277 – Stu Greenberg’s blog from Long Island, New York.  Also a Twitter feed (@stuartist).
  • MINI E #304 – Robert Hooper’s blog from Basking Ridge, New Jersey.
  • MINI E #339 – Paul’s blog from Queens, New York.
  • MINI E #348 – Blog with a lot of photos but not active.
  • MINI E #353 – Kevin Silver’s “MINI-E Experience” blog.
  • MINI E #364“Got Plug?” blog written from the perspective of the MINI E, with owner Don.
  • MINI E #380 – Steve’s blog from New Jersey.
  • MINI E #402 – A blog by Chris Neff, a “MINI E EVangelist” from Northern New Jersey.
  • MINI E #412 – A GM-Volt blog but with additional posts about the MINI E, with introduction.
  • MINI E #418 – Sandy Bondorowsky’s blog from Montclair, New Jersey (not active).
  • MINI E #458 – “Observations about driving a 21st Century electric car from a quantitative, technical perspective.”
  • MINI E #466 – “The Truth About The MINI E” blog by Ken Barbour in Southern New Jersey, with video.
  • MINI E #484 – “MAGICC Electric Guru” blog from Madison, New Jersey.
  • MINI E #486 – “My Year with an All-Electric MINI” blog by Timothy Gill.

media coverage

Below are two stories on the MINI E and owner Peter Trepp, the first Pioneer to take delivery of a MINI E.  He has MINI E #111 and lives in Southern California.