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collectible of the day: air freshener ad

air freshener ad
In mid-2002 came this clever ad from MINI USA.  The ad insert contained an air freshener (unscented) complete with packaging.  The text on the back reads:

Let’s breathe life. Let’s inhale sweat and leather and denim and coffee and melted cherry gumdrops stuck to the center console. Let’s fill the cockpit with music to our noses. Let’s not cover up experiences with a manufactured scent of pine or synthetic vanilla. Let’s not hide who we are or what we’ve done. Let’s hang stuff from our rear view mirror just because it’s fun to hang stuff from our rear view mirror. LET’S MOTOR.

The ad can be found in Esquire, Vol. 138, No. 1., July 2002, between pages 72 & 73.