• MINI Liquid Assets game for iPhone

    MINI Financial Services has a free game for the iPhone called MINI Liquid Assets.  It works like a kid’s water jet game.  From the game description: Shoot the coins into the MINI cars to collect […]

  • collectible of the day: MINI TRACKS 2. CD

    Last month we featured the MINI TRACKS 1. CD.  Today is the second of at least two CDs in the MINI Tracks series from Europe. This four-song CD was released in 2002. MINI TRACKS 2. […]

  • collectible of the day: Welcome Package (2004)

    As MINI owners know, approximately a few weeks to a few months after taking delivery of a new MINI, a Welcome Package will arrive in your mail. Shown above is the version of the Welcome […]

  • MINI E websites

    MINI’s experimental all-electric vehicle, the MINI E, is being tested in the US, UK, and Germany. official websites MINI E Field Trial (MINI.com) The MINI E Field Trial (MINI USA) MINI E Field Trial (MINI […]