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collectible of the day: Ministry of Ownership Passport

Ministry of Ownership Passport

New MINI owners in the UK used to receive a welcome package containing a MINISTRY OF OWNERSHIP PASSPORT. Looking similar to a UK passport, this booklet gave instructions on registering for the (now defunct) Ministry of Ownership section of the MINI UK website at  The passport came with stickers with the owner’s VIN to stick on the passport cover.  MINI UK stopped sending them sometime in late-2007. (more…)

collectible of the day: MINI book

MINI book
Titled simply MINI, this book by Patrick C. Paternie is another early book covering the new MINI.  Much like Graham Robson’s New MINI book, Paternie’s 96 page softcover book covers the history of the classic Mini and the development of the new MINI by Rover and BMW.

Chapters include:

  1. A Mini History: Britain’s Best
  2. Developing and Designing the New MINI: The Mini Becomes the MINI
  3. MINI Mechanicals: Under the Skin
  4. MINI Manufacturing: Making History in a Historic Plant
  5. Marketing the MINI: Icons, Cults, and Guerrillas
  6. Driving the MINI: New Versus Old
  7. What’s Next? MINIs of the Future

Paternie, Patrick C.
Motorbooks International, 2002
96 p.
ISBN-10: 0760311579, ISBN-13: 978-0760311578

MINI book page 10

MINI book page 52

collectible of the day: GOOD booklet

GOOD booklet
“This little booklet was created by GOOD, enabled by MINI, and delivered by The New York Times” is written inside the front cover of this small booklet.  MINI partnered with GOOD magazine to produce this 12 page issue with ads by MINI.

Inside are a few short articles on Park(ing) Day, people doing good, national voting percentages, guerrilla gardening, vinyl records, and others.

MINI content includes the two center pages (see below) and two Carfun Footprint ads, inside the rear cover and on the rear cover.

This GOOD booklet was inserted in the Sunday, September 14, 2008 issue of The New York Times.

GOOD booklet (center)

collectible of the day: Product Selling Points (November 2004)

Product Selling Points (November 2004)
When MINI USA wants to inform the dealerships of new products, the company issues Product Selling Points brochures.  This one from November 2004 covers two new products for the 2005 MINI Cooper S.

Product Selling Points
November 2004


Inside, the stapled, 12 page brochure covers the features of the automatic transmission and limited slip differential (LSD) on a “test rally” by Finnish rallying legend Rauno Aaltonen.  Quotes by Rauno Aaltonen on the products are mixed with product descriptions, feature lists, and technical specifications.

The brochure Order No. is 05-Sauto.

Car Talk MINI test drives

Car Talk
Listeners of National Public Radio (NPR) on weekends are familiar with the program “Car Talk” featuring “Click and Clack”, or Tom and Ray Magliozzi.  On the program the brothers review cars and attempt to solve the car problems of callers.

They have reviewed two MINI models:

The 2002 MINI Cooper review is very thorough with a rating of “Awesome!” by Ray and “Pretty Good!” by Tom.

As you might expect from a car developed by BMW, the driving experience in the Mini Cooper is pretty damn sporty. The car is fun to drive. The handling is exceptionally good. When you turn the Mini into corners it digs in, in the way a good-handling car does. In other words, if you make a left turn, you don’t feel yourself falling out the right passenger window. Why? Several reasons.

The Mini has a low center of gravity. It’s wheels are pushed all the way out to the corners, like the original Mini (if they were pushed any further, they’d be on someone else’s car). Finally, the Mini has good, tight suspension components throughout.

The 2009 MINI Cooper Clubman review consists of lists of “Pros” and “Cons” with a few photos.

MINI Cooper and Ray and Tom

collectible of the day: MINI Accessories Configurator Version 2.0 CD

MINI Accessories Configurator Version 2.0 CD
From 2004, this is the MINI Accessories Configurator Version 2.0 CD (MINI Zubehör-Konfigurator Version 2.0) with “Original MINI Parts and Accessories”.  Insert the CD into your computer and choose from German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, and Swedish.

Choose the model for 2005: MINI One, MINI One D, MINI Cooper, MINI Cooper S, MINI One Cabrio, MINI Cooper Cabrio, or MINI Cooper S Cabrio; or choose an older model: MINI One (2000-2004), MINI One D (2000-2004), MINI Cooper (2000-2004), or MINI Cooper S (2000-2004).

The program then lets you configure a MINI by choosing Models, Paint, Wheels, Exterior, Interior, Communication, Safety, Transportation, and Options.

The configurator shows you three views: one-quarter front, side, and three-quarters rear.

When finished you can save, download, or print your configuration.

The CD is VT-A-3, Part No.: 0 129 0 398 169.

MINI Accessories Configurator screen (Cooper)

MINI Accessories Configurator screen (Cooper S Convertible)

MINI Roadster and MINI Coupé worth waiting for

MINI Roadster and MINI Coupé sketch
The May 2010 issue of Car and Driver contains an article named “25 Cars Worth Waiting For”.  Included on their list is the forthcoming pair of MINI Roadster and MINI Coupé.  The Car and Driver website gives just a summary:

What they are: Sportier-looking, lightened two-seat variations of the existing Mini Cooper. The coupe will have a low, sweeping aluminum roof that is a departure from the brand’s boxier cars. The roadster will have a shortened windshield as seen on the concept shown in Frankfurt.

Read the entire article 2011 Mini Coupe / Roadster – Feature.