Convertible Contract ad
At the launch of the MINI Convertible in the US in September 2004, MINI USA’s marketing campaign was about “Always Open”.  MINI encouraged new owners to keep the top down as much as possible.  In that theme, this clever ad contained a Convertible Contract.  In order to be an open motorer, one had to commit to keeping the top down 90% of the time.  The contract came complete with individual numbers and yellow and pink carbon pages.  The heading of the contract read:


In recognition of the limited number of MINI Convertibles and MINI USA’s responsibility to make sure that MINI Convertibles get into the hands of open individuals, MINI USA asks all MINI Convertible Owners to enter into this contract. Upon signature of this contract MINI Owner agrees to keep MINI Convertible top down in accordance with this contract.

The Convertible Contract ad insert can be found in the following magazine issues:

  • AutoWeek. October 11, 2004. (between pages 56 & 57)
  • Details. Vol 23, No. 1. October 2004 (between pages 116 & 117)
  • Fast Company. Issue 87. October 2004. (between pages 32 & 33)
  • GQ. November 2004. (between pages 176 & 177)
  • Men’s Fitness. October 2004. (between pages 24 & 25)
  • Men’s Journal. November 2004. (between pages 88 & 89)
  • Rolling Stone. October 14, 2004. (between pages 48 & 49)
  • Surface. Issue 50. (between pages 96 & 97)

Download the Convertible Contact.