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MINI Roadster and MINI Coupé worth waiting for

MINI Roadster and MINI Coupé sketch
The May 2010 issue of Car and Driver contains an article named “25 Cars Worth Waiting For”.  Included on their list is the forthcoming pair of MINI Roadster and MINI Coupé.  The Car and Driver website gives just a summary:

What they are: Sportier-looking, lightened two-seat variations of the existing Mini Cooper. The coupe will have a low, sweeping aluminum roof that is a departure from the brand’s boxier cars. The roadster will have a shortened windshield as seen on the concept shown in Frankfurt.

Read the entire article 2011 Mini Coupe / Roadster – Feature.

collectible of the day: MINI MAVERICKS ad

Yesterday we featured the MINI MAVERICKS cards.  Today we have the MINI MAVERICKS ad based on those cards.

The ad has nine perforated cards which are also stickers.  The one card not included in the ad is the Makeout MINI.

MINI MAVERICKS adThe ad includes these cards:

  • Monte Carlo MINI
  • Modified MINI
  • Muscle MINI
  • Mensa MINI
  • MINI
  • Molten MINI
  • Muddy MINI
  • Messenger MINI
  • Mission MINI

The MINI USA catalog number is INS010-03.

The MINI MAVERICKS ad insert can be found in the following magazine issues:

  • Automobile. Vol. 18, No. 9. December 2003. (between pages 24 & 25)
  • Blender. October 2003. (between pages 64 & 65)
  • Metropolis. October 2003. (between pages 48 & 49)
  • Motor Trend. Vol. 55, No. 11. November 2003 (between pages 88 & 89)
  • Wired. Vol. 11, No. 11. November 2003. (between pages 48 & 49)