Luststoff yo-yo box
Previously we featured the Luststoff sports drink and Luststoff lollipop.  Today is another item distributed to promote the launch of the MINI One D model in Germany in June of 2003: the Luststoff yo-yo.

The yellow plastic yo-yo has a black string.  Inside the transparent yo-yo are red LEDs which light up as the yo-yo spins up and down the string.

One side features the slogan which translates as “MINI ONE D.  THE ONLY DIESEL THAT IS A MINI”.

The other side reads “AUFGEDREHT” which roughly translates to “hyper”, “revved up”, or “lit up”.  The figure of 180 NM / 2.000 U/MIN (or 132 ft-lb at 2,000 rpm) refers to the maximum torque of the MINI One D’s diesel engine.

Luststoff yo-yo (side 1)

Luststoff yo-yo (side 2)