Shortly after registering on the MINI United 2007 website, this MINI United 2007 Starter Kit would be mailed to you from Wuppertal, Germany. MINI United 2007 took place in Zandvoort, Amsterdam, The Netherlands from June 22-24, 2007.

The thick folder opens up to display the contents: MINI UNITED 2007 window stickers (on the left), letter from MINI, MINIInternational #2007 magazine, MINI United badge, and iron-on patch.

MINI United 2007 Starter Kit (inside left)

MINI United 2007 Starter Kit (inside right)

MINI United 2007 Starter Kit window stickers

MINI United 2007 Starter Kit letter

The letter from MINI inside reads:

Dear MINI Maniac,

You’ve made it!  You are part of the event of the year: MINI United 2007.

And, even better, you now have all you need: your personal MINI United Starter Kit.  That’s your passport to three days packed full of adrenaline, fun and action.  All taking place at Circuit Park Zandvoort, Burgermeester van Alphenstraat 108, 2041 KP Zandvoort, the Netherlands.

To enable quicker access to the festival, the kit contains your MINI United quick access badge.  It will get you directly to the festival area.  Once there, it’s quite easy to get your accreditation: just show your name badge and a valid form of ID (so DON’T FORGET either) at the accreditation tent and off you go.  But make sure you grab your sensational MINI United Welcome Package once you have entered the festival grounds.  A MINI present you should really start looking forward to.

Another thing to look forward to is the festival itself – but you know that already!  Here are some of the attractions waiting for you: an open marketplace for lifestyle goods, parts and accessories of all kinds; you will have the chance to drive the track with your own MINI; get autographs from Mike Cooper and Rauno Aaltonen; dance and listen to the music of the Hed Kandi label and other famous international DJs; and of course follow the MINI Challenge.

Until then, the Starter Kit will already “start” the festival for you.  So prepare yourself and your MINI for Amsterdam: put your stickers on your MINI and the iron-on on your shirt, your bag or wherever you wish to have it, and ID yourself as a MINI United Maniac.

Also make sure you that you stay updated about what’s going on at the festival by frequently checking the MINI United website  And, if you haven’t already done so, sign up for the MINI United newsletter.  The website also provides you and everyone else with travel and accommodation tips, you can use it to arrange a lift share, or just to get into the MINI United spirit.

So, finally, we hope that you’re already as excited as we are.
“Tot gauw” in Amsterdam!