• Steelers arrive in training camp in MINI Coopers

    From the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: LATROBE — The big guys have a thing for the little cars. Last year, outside linebacker James Harrison arrived at Saint Vincent College in Latrobe for training camp driving a white […]

  • collectible of the day: THE BOOK OF MOTORING

    We finish July with the very first brochure that MINI USA produced. THE BOOK OF MOTORING was released in 2002.  It was a full-color, squared-back booklet with 68 pages discussing “WHAT IS MOTORING?”.  The booklet […]

  • collectible of the day: IMMER OFFEN. pin

    For the launch of the MINI Cabrio (Convertible) in the summer of 2004, MINI used the slogan “ALWAYS OPEN” which in German is “IMMER OFFEN”. MINI Germany produced this button pin with “IMMER OFFEN.” in […]

  • collectible of the day: LET’S MESS WITH PERFECTION. ad

    LET’S MESS WITH PERFECTION. Let’s Daniel Boone-flag it. Let’s flame paint it. Let’s detail it. Let’s whale tail it. Let’s fuzzy dice it. Let’s trick it out. Let’s spoiler kit it. Let’s mirror tint it. […]