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WRC welcomes MINI

World Rally Championship
The World Rally Championship welcomes MINI back to rallying.

The Monte Carlo Rally made the Mini a legend, where it took three wins in 1964, 1965 and 1967. It really should have been four, but the team was disqualified in 1966 on a technicality, handing Citroen victory. Now the Mini drivers will get their chance for revenge in 2011, 45 years later…

Read the articles on the WRC website:

collectible of the day: MINI matches

MINI matches (top)

MINI matches (bottom)

How else would you light your MINI sparklers, but with these MINI matches?  The small matchbox shows two MINIs and the MINI logo on the top.  The side says “ANSTECKEND.” (meaning “infectious”).  The matches come from Germany and display the MINI Germany website address “www.MINI.de” on the bottom.  Inside, the matches are black with blue tips.

MINI matches (open)