• collectible of the day: MINI Takes the States 2008 Travelogue

    Two years ago today, MINI Takes the States 2008 took place in Chicago, the third of four regional events (after Miami and Boston, but before LA). Each registered attendee was given this MINI TAKES THE […]

  • MINI in the WRC

    Everything is coming together for MINI’s entry to the World Rally Championship.  For 2011, the WRC is making changes to the specifications of the cars.  From the WRC website: The new World Rally cars to […]

  • collectible of the day: 2007 Product Brief.

    2007 PRODUCT BRIEF. MINI COOPER AND MINI COOPER S HATCH. The Product Brief is for the Motoring Advisors to describe in detail the MINI vehicles and to highlight the new features. From 2007 we have […]

  • collectible of the day: MINI CHALLENGE backpack

    Now that you have your MINI CHALLENGE hat, MINI CHALLENGE seat cushion, MINI binoculars, MINI stopwatch, MINI CHALLENGE earplugs, and MINI CHALLENGE pen, you need something to carry it all in. Our final MINI CHALLENGE […]