collectible of the day: MINI Takes the States 2010 button pins

MINI Takes the States 2010 button pin

MINI Takes the States 2010 button pins

For MINI TAKES THE STATES 2010, there was no Travelogue book as in years past.  Instead of collecting stamps, this time you could collect button pins.

Attendees could collect a button pin for each city: Atlanta, Chicago, Columbus, Denver, Dodge City, Grand Junction, Indianapolis, Kansas City, Knoxville, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, Salt Lake City, San Francisco, St. Louis, Washington DC, and Winter Park.

In addition to the city button pins, there were other special pins available at the events:

  • BULLDOG (Obtained only by asking Jim McDowell for it.)
  • RYAN’S MINI ADVENTURE (Obtained from Ryan’s parents.)

In each registration bag was one larger MTTS 2010 button pin, shown above left.

7 thoughts on “collectible of the day: MINI Takes the States 2010 button pins

  • Ian C.

    Didn’t get most of those (of course); never found “Ryans”

    I wonder if you and I have any swapping to do, James 🙂 … I’ll be back in Florida in a week or so

  • James Post author

    I do have an extra RYAN’S MINI ADVENTURE pin for you. Maybe some other MINI things to trade. Let me know when you’re back here.

  • Susan

    Our rally began in NY and Philadelphia. MTTS was supposed to give us pins for each city we attended, but no one could find the pins. Does anyone have any extras for sale?

  • RedMini

    I have extra New York. Washington.DC. baltimore and PPhiladelphia – would be willing to trace or buy any that I don not have

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