• collectible of the day: 2005 Product Information

    2005 PRODUCT INFORMATION MINI COOPER AND MINI COOPER S HATCH AND CONVERTIBLE The Product Information (Product Brief) is for the Motoring Advisors to describe in detail the MINI vehicles and to highlight the new features. […]

  • MINI turns 51

    MINI turned 51 today.  The first Mini was launched to the UK public on August 26, 1959. MINI posted the notice on its Facebook page: MINI turns 51 years today! How are YOU celebrating the […]

  • collectible of the day: MINI PARKING ONLY stencil

    MINI USA sometimes sends this MINI PARKING ONLY stencil in the mail to new MINI owners.  It comes with a personalized letter which reads: Hi Mr. ——- Rumor has it there might be a new […]

  • collectible of the day: MINI Takes the States 2006 grille badge

    We continue with our series of MINI takes the States 2006 collectibles since the event was still taking place four years ago. Today we have the MINI Takes the States 2006 grille badge.  This shiny […]