• collectible of the day: Jim McDowell autograph

    Most car owners, and even car enthusiasts, couldn’t tell you the name of the person running their favorite car brand.  But many MINI owners can not only tell you his name, but can say they […]

  • collectible of the day: oval stickers

    These glossy vinyl oval stickers date from the early days of MINI, 2002 or 2003.  Available stickers included GB and USA as well as some of the states where dealerships were located at that time. […]

  • collectible of the day: MINI Cuckoo Clock

    Previously we featured the original MINI Cuckoo Clock. MINI offers two versions of the current Cuckoo Clock: Above left is the regular Cuckoo Clock.  The housing of the clock is silver with a Chili Red […]

  • MINI wins Targa Newfoundland 2010

    A MINI has again won Targa Newfoundland.  Driver Jim Kenzie and navigator Brian Bourbonniere won the Targa Open class in the MINI CHALLENGE car No. 807. From Jim Kenzie’s website: What can I say – […]