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collectible of the day: MOTOR-TOBER posters



Today we have the final items in our October MOTOR-TOBER series.

From 2009 come these two clever MOTOR-TOBER posters sent to MINI dealerships to promote the month-long MOTOR-TOBER event.

Above left is the “BOO.” poster with a MINI Cooper dressed in a sheet as a ghost.  The poster above right shows a MINI Cooper carved out like a pumpkin with the phrase “SAVE A PUMPKIN. CARVE THE ROAD.” below.

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collectible of the day: Scalextric MINI Challenge slot car

Scalextric MINI Challenge slot carThe MINI has been a popular brand for slot car makers.  Scalextric is one of the most popular slot car manufacturers in the world.  They have sold many slot car MINIs over the years since the MINI was introduced.

Today we have the Scalextric MINI Challenge slot car from the UK from mid-2009.  It’s a 1/32 scale first-generation Chili Red and White MINI Challenge racecar with center stripes and the number “1” above the MINI Challenge checkered side stripe.

The Scalextric product code is C3019 and was offered for £34.99 on the Scalextric Shop website.

Download the Product Information File for this car.

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collectible of the day: New MINI Style Magazine

New MINI Style Magazine Vol. 8

New MINI Style Magazine Vol. 8

New MINI Style Magazine Vol. 26

New MINI Style Magazine Vol. 26

Japan has been a big market for MINI going back to the classic Mini days.  Sales to Japan helped keep the Mini going during the 1980s when sales elsewhere declined.  Japan probably has more MINI magazines than any other country.  We previously featured MINI SPIRITS magazine.

New MINI Style Magazine is another long-running Japanese MINI magazine.  It has been published quarterly since Spring 2004.  The current issue is Summer 2010 Vol. 26 (shown near left).

The cover price is ¥1,300 or around $15.

Buy current and back issues from

the MINI Countryman Off-Road Design Kit

MINI Countryman Off-Road Design Kit (front)

MINI Countryman Off-Road Design Kit (rear)

The MINI Countryman has been on (and possibly off) European streets for more than a month.  MINI just announced an Off-Road Design Kit for the new model.  Translated from the website:

The MINI Countryman is already well equipped for sticks and stones, rain and snow. The powerful look of the model emphasizes this versatility, but it is even more striking.

With the Off-Road Design Kit, the MINI Countryman gets a bespoke outfit – with an attachment for the front and rear bumpers. In this adventurer look everyone recognizes immediately: all paths really are open to this MINI.

The add-on parts in silver-colored thermoplastic cost from €550.00 (plus dealer installation costs).  They set new standards in the MINI Countryman and upgrade the entire look.  Whether from front or rear – the Off-Road Design Kit emphasizes the sportiness, the all-purpose character, and the elegance of the model. Everything in one.  Just a true Countryman.

collectible of the day: WHIPTASTIC HANDLING sticker ad

Let’s give our handling a name. Let’s call it go-kart-like. Let’s call it hair-pin ready. Let’s call it turndiculous. Let’s call it “whiptastic.” Let’s trademark it pronto. Let’s stick it on the boot. Let’s whip it. Let’s whip it good. LET’S MOTOR.

Today we have another interactive MINI ad.  The WHIPTASTIC HANDLING sticker ad has a “shiny, simulated metal sticker” for attaching to the boot of your MINI.  This ad comes from mid-2004 but is still being distributed by MINI USA.

The WHIPTASTIC HANDLING sticker ad can be found in these magazine issues:

  • Esquire. August 2004. (between pages 68 & 69)
  • Razor. July/August 2004. (between pages 16 & 17)
  • Spin. July 2004. (between pages 64 & 65)

The MINI USA catalog number is INS007-04.

collectible of the day: MINI Plush Bulldog

MINI Plush Bulldog
We have previously featured the two current MINI bulldogs: the Standing Plush Bulldog with Jacket from MINI MotoringGear in the US and the Bulldog Soft Toy from the MINI Lifestyle Shop in Europe.

Today we feature the original MINI Bulldog from the MotoringGear 2003 collection.  The original plush bulldog wears a MINI collar only.  From the MINI MotoringGear Holiday 2004 catalog:


Approx. 12″ tall.  Bulldog stance with MINI collar.

99 00 0 003 473


We’ll have one more rare MINI bulldog before the year’s end.