Bug Bull's-Eye stickers ad (front)

Bug Bull's-Eye stickers ad (back)

LET’S PLAY BUG BULL’S-EYE. Let’s test our reflexes. Let’s head to the Everglades in August. Let’s see what a dragonfly had for breakfast. Let’s find out what a mayfly had for lunch. Let’s move quicker than a gnat. Let’s stick a blood-sucking mosquito right in the bull’s-eye. LET’S MOTOR.

Yet another interactive MINI ad, the Bug Bull’s-Eye stickers ad insert contains two bull’s-eye stickers on the back.  These stickers are to be affixed to the MINI side mirrors and used to play a game.  The “Rules & Regulations” are given on the back of the ad as well.

RULES & REGULATIONS. Anyone with a valid driver’s license can play. If any part of the bug (splatter or body part) touches multiple scoring zones, the higher score should be tallied. Players must set own time, distance or limit of bug hits before starting a new game. Remember to obey all local traffic laws and wildlife preservation acts. Hitting an endangered insect constitutes immediate forfeiture (see below for reference). The death or dismemberment of any butterfly is also grounds for disqualification (and a moment of silence would be nice). To learn more about MINI’s handling and its $16,999* MSRP go to MINIUSA.COM.