• collectible of the day: MOTOR-TOBER tattoos

    Today we have the second item in our series of “MOTOR-TOBER” collectibles. This sheet of tattoos comes from October 2009 to promote “MOTOR-TOBER”. MAKE YOUR MOTOR-TOBER MARK. Embrace the spirit of Motor-Tober with these MINI-inspired […]

  • collectible of the day: New MINI Performance Manual

    We previously featured another MINI book by Tim Mundy: You & Your New MINI: Buying, Enjoying, Maintaining, Modifying.  His second MINI book is this New MINI Performance Manual published in 2008. Another Haynes book, New […]

  • MINI Club Finder now at MINI Space

    The MINI Club search function that used to be found on the MINI United website has made its way to MINI Space.  Yesterday MINI Space introduced its MINI Club Finder webpage. The MINI Club Finder […]

  • collectible of the day: MINI. EINFACH ANZIEHEND. magnets

    MINI. EINFACH ANZIEHEND. This two-pack of MINI magnets comes from Germany circa 2004.  Inside is a Liquid Yellow MINI Cooper magnet and a MINI logo magnet. “MINI. EINFACH ANZIEHEND.” translates to “MINI. SIMPLY ATTRACTIVE.”  Another […]