MINI MotoringGear 2002 catalog

MINI MotoringGear Fall/Winter 2002 catalog

Today we have the first two MINI MotoringGear catalogs from 2002, the first year of MINI in the United States.

Above left is the first catalog, titled “MINI MOTORINGGEAR 2002“.  This 32 page, square-backed catalog featured mostly jackets, shirts, and hats.  The original MINI Cuckoo Clock was listed here as well as the Thermos Mug and Compass Keychain.  The MINI USA catalog number is MGO 201-S.

Above right is the second brochure which came later in the year, the “MINI MOTORINGGEAR FALL/WINTER 2002” catalog.  Slightly thicker with 36 pages, it contained most of the same items as the previous one but added the MINI Luggage Set, Custom Dish Set, MINI Skater, and MINI Snowglobe.  Also new in this catalog were two pens we have featured: the MINI Miniature Pen and one of the MINI Floaty Pens (Hollywood to New York City).  The MINI USA catalog number is MGO 201-FW.