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collectible of the day: MINI USA retro-MINI postcards


MINI USA Evel Knievel MINI postcard

MINI USA The Partridge Family MINI postcard

MINI USA Starsky & Hutch MINI postcard

Shown above are some early postcards from MINI USA from 2003.   The set of four retro-MINI postcards promote the MINIUSA.COM website and feature MINIs from the 1970s, three from television programs.

  • The Dukes of Hazzard
  • Evel Knievel
  • The Partridge Family
  • Starsky & Hutch

LET’S JUMP IN THROUGH THE WINDOW. Let’s slide across the hood. Let’s Bo and Luke-it. Let’s Daisy Duke-it. Let’s install the loudest Dixie horn in Hazzard County. But seriously folks, let’s try to keep them wheels on the ground. LET’S MOTOR.™

LET’S BUILD A CAR FOR EVEL KNIEVEL. Let’s paint it red, white and blue. Let’s put a big number one on the door. Let’s prepare for takeoff. Let’s jump the rules. Let’s jump the status quo. Let’s jump SUVs. Literally. LET’S MOTOR.™

LET’S GET HAPPY, C’MON. Let’s start a band. Let’s hang out in the garage. Let’s toss our drum kit in the back. Let’s run away from groupies. Let’s remember that the family who plays together, stays together. LET’S MOTOR.™

LET’S GO UNDERCOVER. Let’s go on a stakeout. Let’s throw a siren on the roof. Let’s squeal the tires and chase some bad guys. Let’s take turns behind the wheel. Let’s be sure we watch each other’s backs. LET’S MOTOR.™

SPEED: Hollywood’s Hottest Car Chases premieres with The Italian Job (1969 & 2003)

The Italian Job (1969) car chase scene

The Italian Job (2003) car chase scene

SPEED is launching a new series called “Hollywood’s Hottest Car Chases”.

Everyone has their favorite car chase scene… and many have multiple ones. On Thanksgiving Night (Nov. 25), SPEED enters the conversation with a two-hour special called, Hollywood’s Hottest Car Chases, premiering at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT.

The premiere show will feature the car chase scenes from both versions of The Italian Job (1969 and 2003).

Read the article AUTOS: Hollywoods Hottest Car Chases; The Italian Job (1969 & 2003) at SPEED.

collectible of the day: MINI Press Information (2001)

MINI One MINI Cooper Press Information (2001)Today we have one of the most collectible items in the Library of Motoring collection.  Shown is one of the earliest MINI press kits in English.  The MINI One MINI Cooper Press Information (2001) is a glossy folder containing MINI information, a book, color photographs, and a CD.

Open the press kit folder left and right (see photo below left) to reveal two pockets.  The left side holds the stapled, 30 page press information packet.  The cover date is July 2001.  The text content includes: MINI; Exterior; Interior; Safety; Drivetrain; Suspension and Steering; Electrics and Electronics; Sales, Package and Pricing; Options; Manufacturing; The MINI Brand; Data Sheets; External and Internal Dimensions; and Performance and Torque Diagrams.

The right side holds 16 photographs: six of an Indi Blue MINI One, nine of a Chili Red and White MINI Cooper, and one of a Pure Silver MINI Cooper with accessories.  All of the photos are dated 06/01.

Lift up the middle flap with the MINI logo (see photo below right) to reveal a CD attached to the inside of the flap and a hardcover book set into the middle of the folder.

The CD contains a 43 page PDF file of the information in the paper press packet and lots of color images.

Finally, the press kit includes a limited edition (2,500 copies) commemorative book titled MINI Cooper: The Modern Interpretation of an Immortal Legend.  The small book measures only about 5.5″ wide by 5″ high, but contains 80 full-color, glossy pages.  Attached inside the book’s back cover is yet another CD, this one holds 16 press photos of an Indi Blue and White MINI Cooper and one image of the MINI logo, all in both high resolution and low resolution.

Download the MINI One MINI Cooper Press Information (2001) file from the CD on the flap.

MINI One MINI Cooper Press Information (2001) (open 1)

MINI One MINI Cooper Press Information (2001) (open 2)

collectible of the day: A Collection of MINI-Inspired Cartoons

A Collection of MINI-Inspired Cartoons


This ad insert is a small 13 page booklet of cartoons from the artists of The New Yorker. From the inside cover:

We here at MINI asked a handful of our favorite cartoonists to put their unique spin on the new MINI Cooper and MINI Cooper S. They drew. They drew some more. And when they were all finished, we picked the 13 best cartoons and made this little booklet. A gift of laughter from one fellow motorer to another. Enjoy.

The booklet can be found in the June 17 & 24, 2002 issue of The New Yorker (between pages 64 & 65).

Shown below are two of the cartoons. Below left is page 6 and below right is page 10.

The MINI USA catalog number is INS011-02.

A Collection of MINI-Inspired Cartoons (page 6)

A Collection of MINI-Inspired Cartoons (page 10)

MINI colors page updated for 2011 (again)

Absolute Black Metallic Astro Black Metallic Black / Jet Black Bright Yellow British Racing Green Metallic British Racing Green II Metallic Candy Blue Chili Red Connaught Green Cool Blue Metallic Cosmic Blue Metallic Cosmos Black Metallic Crystal Silver Metallic Dark Silver Metallic Eclipse Gray Metallic / Eclipse Grey Metallic
Electric Blue Metallic Horizon Blue Metallic Hot Chocolate Metallic Hot Orange Metallic Hyper Blue Metallic Ice Blue Indi Blue Metallic Interchange Yellow Laser Blue Metallic Light Coffee Light White Lightning Blue Metallic Liquid Yellow Mellow Yellow Midnight Black Metallic
Nightfire Red Metallic Oxford Green Metallic Oxygen Blue Pepper White Pure Red Pure Silver Metallic Purple Haze Metallic / Black-Eye Purple Royal Grey Metallic Silk Green Metallic Solar Red Metallic Solid Gold Metallic Space Blue Metallic Sparkling Silver Metallic Spice Orange Metallic Surf Blue
Thunder Blue Metallic True Blue Metallic Velvet Red White Silver Metallic

With the updating of the MINI USA Configurator for 2011, the MINI colors page needed an update.  New colors (or colours if you’re in the UK) for 2011 are:

  • British Racing Green II Metallic
  • Eclipse Gray Metallic / Eclipse Grey Metallic
  • Ice Blue (available starting December 2010)
  • Spice Orange Metallic

Exclusive MINI Countryman colors are:

  • Absolute Black Metallic
  • Bright Yellow
  • Cosmic Blue Metallic
  • Crystal Silver Metallic
  • Light Coffee
  • Light White
  • Oxford Green
  • Pure Red
  • Royal Grey Metallic
  • Surf Blue
  • True Blue Metallic

Note that Royal Grey Metallic has returned; it was last available in 2006.  Interchange Yellow will not be available after December 2010.  Sparkling Silver will not be available after March 2011.

2011 MINI models brochures collection


[MINI 2011] stapled brochure



Shown above are the four available 2011 MINI models brochures.  MINI USA created separate full brochures for the “MINI FAMILY” covering the MINI Hardtop, MINI Convertible, and MINI Clubman (far-left) and the new MINI Countryman (far-right).  MINI USA also produced a smaller, untitled, stapled brochure covering all four MINI models.  Finally, there is a single-sheet MINI Countryman preview brochure.

The four new 2011 MINI brochures have been added to the MINI models brochures page.