MINI Countryman PROBESAAT. seed

Today we feature the newest addition to the Library of Motoring collection thanks to our German friend Michael from  He sent this small MINI Countryman PROBESAAT. (which translates to “TEST SEED.”).  The tiny terra cotta flowerpot measures just 1.5″ high and 1.75″ in diameter.  Inside, the seed has the MINI logo embossed into each side.

The instructions from the package (translated from the German):


Sprinkle the soil tablet with spoonfuls of water until it swells and breaks apart. Loosen the soil slightly. Always keep the soil moist, however not too wet. To create a greenhouse effect, cover everything with plastic film until the first points are seen.

Place the bean with the seam down, then cover it with a little soil. Choose a warm location for the cultivation, however no direct sunlight. Soon after 7-10 days the bean will sprout and flourish after another 14 days. Re-pot as soon as the first tendrils form.

MINI Countryman PROBESAAT. (unpacked)