MINI USA sales card (blue)

MINI USA sales card (red)

MINI USA sales card (silver)

MINI USA sales card (yellow)

MINI USA sales cards caseShown above are four sales cards intended for MINI owners to give to potential MINI buyers.  The soft plastic case and cards were included in early Welcome Packages sent to new MINI owners.

The sales cards came in four variations:

  • Electric Blue MINI Cooper S
  • Chili Red MINI Cooper with aero kit.
  • Pure Silver MINI Cooper
  • Liquid Yellow MINI Cooper
Those people who keep a journal? Who play in a garage band? Who collect vintage cameras? Who need more than an hour to tell about their weekend? Who aren’t truckers but eat at truck stops? Who are always saying, “I know this cool place…?” Who still play hooky once in a while? Who don’t always have time for TV? Who could talk you into a road trip? Tonight? You know those people?
Could you give them one of these?
We think they’d like us.

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