• German MINI and JCW accessories catalogs

    We have featured recent brochures from MINI USA, but they have not released online versions (yet?).  In the meantime, we have these four current (2011) MINI Accessories catalogs from Germany to show what is currently […]

  • The New MINI Coupé Presents video series

    MINI just released several videos to promote the forthcoming MINI Coupe.  The New MINI Coupé Presents video series shows unrelated adventures from Iceland, Rio de Janeiro, and Hong Kong. The New MINI Coupé Presents: “Hitchhiker” […]

  • MINI pricing from 2002 to 2012

    With MINI beginning its 10th year, we have compiled the MINI model pricing figures in the US since the launch in March 2002. The prices shown are the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) which includes […]

  • MINI Coupe wind tunnel images and photos

    The active spoiler on the MINI Coupe creates down-force but also reduces turbulence behind the vehicle.  The larger front lip on the lower front bumper also creates down-force to increase stability.  Here are some behind-the-scene […]