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German MINI and JCW accessories catalogs

German MINI accessories catalog German JCW accessories catalog

We have featured recent brochures from MINI USA, but they have not released online versions (yet?).  In the meantime, we have these four current (2011) MINI Accessories catalogs from Germany to show what is currently being offered in Europe.  You can download these four catalogs in PDF format:

German MINI Countryman JCW accessories catalog German MINI Countryman accessories catalog

The New MINI Coupé Presents video series

The New MINI Coupé Presents video series

MINI just released several videos to promote the forthcoming MINI Coupe.  The New MINI Coupé Presents video series shows unrelated adventures from Iceland, Rio de Janeiro, and Hong Kong.

The New MINI Coupé Presents: “Hitchhiker” (Director’s Cut)

Tuesday: A nose for exotic exploits can lead to some tricky situations. Luckily the cockpit of the new MINI Coupé is a perfect place for adventure – and escape. Can this MINI Coupé driver skirt the icy situation he finds himself in?

The New MINI Coupé Presents: “Sunday in Rio”

Sunday: All dressed up with one really outrageously awesome place to go? Say hello to the new MINI Coupé – With the right wingman, there’s action around every corner. Even on a Sunday.

The New MINI Coupé Presents: “Love is in the Air”

Wednesday: It’s just another Wednesday in Hong Kong and “Love is in the Air.” Trouble is, the troublemakers here are having a hard time sharing. Could it just be the new MINI Coupé everyone’s after?

MINI pricing from 2002 to 2012

MINI USA Configurator 2003

With MINI beginning its 10th year, we have compiled the MINI model pricing figures in the US since the launch in March 2002. The prices shown are the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) which includes the Destination and Handling Fee shown.

Some interesting notes:

  • There was a mid-year price increase in 2004 (as shown in the table).
  • The MY2011 MINI Cooper Hardtop ($20,100) was more expensive than the MY2002 MINI Cooper S Hardtop ($19,850).
  • The only price that went down from the previous year was the 2010 MINI John Cooper Works Convertible (from $34,950 to $34,700).
  • Prices remained the same from 2007 to 2008.
  • The highest ever base price is for the 2012 MINI John Cooper Works Convertible at $35,800.

MINI pricing table

Download the printable MINI Pricing sheet (PDF).

MINI Coupe wind tunnel images and photos

The active spoiler on the MINI Coupe creates down-force but also reduces turbulence behind the vehicle.  The larger front lip on the lower front bumper also creates down-force to increase stability.  Here are some behind-the-scene images and photos of the MINI Coupe undergoing wind tunnel testing.  A description from [translated into English]:

Take an exclusive look into the most advanced wind tunnel for automobile research and discover the exciting details of aerodynamics research in the MINI Coupe – from the active rear spoiler to the black band on the front apron. This high-tech meets pure sportiness.

Collectibles: German MINI Coupé brochure [2012]

German MINI Coupé brochure [2012] MINI Coupé Preisliste: Juli 2011


Shown above-left is the German version of the new MINI Coupé brochure.  The glossy brochure contains 39 pages covering the models; safety; colors and upholstery; exterior design and wheels; interior design; music, communication and technology; performance; John Cooper Works; accessories; and MINI data.

MINI colors shown: Chili Red, Pepper White, Spice Orange Metallic, Midnight Black Metallic, British Racing Green II Metallic, Eclipse Grey Metallic, Lightning Blue Metallic, White Silver Metallic, and Laguna Green Metallic.

Tucked inside is the companion MINI Coupé price list with 35 pages of options and accessories.

A big Thank You to our friend Christian at MINI Center Krefeld for sending the brochures.


MINI Motoring Accessories / JCW Accessories 2011 brochure

LIVE IT UP. MINI Motoring Accessories brochure LAP IT UP. John Cooper Works Accessories brochure


For 2011, MINI USA released its combined MINI Motoring Accessories  and John Cooper Works Tuning Accessories catalog.

The major part of the catalog is 41 pages and includes MINI Motoring Accessories for these models:

  • MINI Hardtop 2007 – Present
  • MINI Clubman 2008 – Present
  • MINI Convertible 2009 – Present

The flipside contains 21 pages of JCW Tuning Accessories.

Also inside the catalog is the stapled, 17 page OFFICIAL YOU-IFICATION PLANNER with charts of product, part number, page number, price, and appropriate model.

The MINI USA catalog number for the catalog is MMA-R5X and the Planner is MMA-R5XPL (Printed 03/2011).



1 OF 1000.


The newest addition to the Library of Motoring collection is this brochure for the limited, custom MINI INSPIRED BY GOODWOOD model built in partnership with Rolls-Royce.  Made of thick, glossy card-stock, the tri-fold brochure has two descriptive panels and a photo compartment.  The cover is printed with the signature “Alan Sheppard for MINI”.  Inside, the MINI INSPIRED BY GOODWOOD is described:

Introducing the Goodwood-inspired MINI Cooper S Hardtop. This beautiful beast is limited to just 1,000 cars in the world, but that’s where the limitations stop. Thanks to the artistry of Alan Sheppard, Chief Interior Designer at Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, you’ll be surrounded by luxury every curve-hugging, motoring moment. Which means cornsilk-beige leather, cashmere headliner and visors, lamb’s wool floor mats and woods such as walnut. Plus, you can choose between two exterior colors: Rolls-Royce Diamond Black or Reef Blue Metallic. It’s still a MINI on the outside. But huge on luxury on the inside.


Four glossy photos are included.

new colors for model year 2012

2012 new colors: Velvet Silver, Highclass Grey, Laguna Green
For the new 2012 model year, MINI has introduced several new colors. All are metallic paint.

Velvet Silver is available only on the MINI Cooper Hardtop, Convertible, and Clubman models. It replaces Pure Silver.

Highclass Grey is available on all Hardtop, Convertible, and Clubman models. It has a reportedly plum tint to it.

Laguna Green is only available on the Hardtop and Convertible models.

Rolls-Royce Diamond Black is a metallic black available only on the MINI INSPIRED BY GOODWOOD.

The three latter colors are exclusive to the MINI Yours packages or design models.

Rolls-Royce Diamond Black

MINI model year 2012 brochure

MINI model year 2012 brochure

Now that model year 2012 is in production, MINI USA has released its model year 2012 brochure for the returning MINI family models.  This thick, square-backed brochure contains 67 pages divided into two main sections: one for the Hardtop, Convertible, and Clubman and a separate one for the Countryman.  Each of those sections contains information on Equipment, Options & Safety and Facts & Figures.

Colors shown for the Hardtop, Convertible, and Clubman: Pepper White, Chili Red, Ice Blue, Midnight Black, British Racing Green, White Silver, Lightning Blue, Laser Blue, Hot Chocolate, Reef Blue, Spice Orange, Velvet Silver, Eclipse Grey, Highclass Grey, Laguna Green.

Colors shown for the Countryman: Light White, Pure Red, Bright Yellow, Light Coffee, Surf Blue, Oxford Green, Crystal Silver, True Blue, Absolute Black, Royal Grey, Cosmic Blue.

The MINI USA catalog number is MY12 AG R5x/R60 130K-0411.

Part number 1 11 999 262 25 (L) 2 2011 VM.