Manual Up - MINI Manual Driving School banner

MINI USA’s advertising agency Butler, Shine, Stern + Partners (BSSP) is launching a new ad campaign promoting the manual transmission.  “Manual Up” is the slogan with several clever taglines playing on the word “stick”.  MINI owners already have one of the highest rates of manual transmission purchasing.  According to Thomas Salkowsky, MINI brand marketing manager:

[A]bout 34% of buyers of the Clubman, the MINI Cooper convertible and the hard top buy the manual version, and that even for the AWD version of the Countryman, MINI’s answer for a crossover, the manual take rate is about 30%.

Manual Up - STICK HAPPENS. posterManual Up - EXHILARATION ON A STICK. posterOne wonders if the shortage of AISIN manual transmissions from Japan prompted this campaign, especially since dealers are offering a $500 discount for MINIs with a manual transmission.

It is unclear whether there will be print ads, but BSSP has created banner ads and posters. MINI USA’s Facebook page will have an ad that “communicates ‘Manualhood’ and exhilaration”.  Much like Crispin Porter + Bogusky did for the launch of the MINI Convertible, BSSP will set up a phone number 855-MANUAL-UP (855-626-8258) with a “humorous message about what it means to be in the ‘hood”.

A note for MINI collectors: the ad campaign will feature posters, car antenna toppers, and a dealer “Manualhood” Motoring Manual.

See more Manual Up advertising materials on BSSP’s blog post TIME TO MANUAL UP.

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