MINI Calendar widget screenshot

For the launch of the MINI Countryman (MINI Crossover in Japan), MINI Japan created a MINI Calendar desktop widget.  Once installed on your PC or Mac, the widget shows the date, day of the week, time, and the current month’s calendar.  Where the widget gets fun is when you set an alarm.  When the alarm is triggered, various MINI models race and skid randomly across your computer screen. See the full article to download, install, and set up your MINI Calendar widget.

Installing is simple but you will need the latest version of Adobe AIR.  Once installed, download the MINI Calendar Zip file.

Extract the files from the Zip file.  If you have a PC, right-click on the mini_calendar.air file and select Install.  If you have a Mac, run the __MACOSX/._mini_calendar.air file.

MINI Calendar widget setMINI Calendar widget configurationOnce installed, click the MINI Calendar icon to open the widget.  Configuring is a bit difficult because the instructions and labels are in Japanese.

Configure the widget by clicking on the wrench icon in the widget title-bar:

1. Check the first box to keep the widget on top of other windows.
2. Check the second box to start the widget when the PC starts.
3. Click the button below the two options to save.

To set an appointment and an alarm, select a day on the calendar and click on the >NEW link near the bottom right:

4. Enter the appointment  time, hours : minutes, in the boxes (using 24-hour time).
5. Check the box right below the time to set an alarm.
6. Enter the message for the appointment or alarm.
7. Click on the button at the bottom to save.

When an alarm is set, a small red dot will show on the main calendar above the date.  You can set multiple alarms which appear in the bottom part of the widget under >SCHEDULE.

To edit or delete an appointment, click on it.  Edit the appointment and click on the top button (7.) at the bottom.  To delete an appointment, click on the second button (not shown here) at the bottom.