MINI Clubs International Office ornament box MINI Clubs International Office ornament

Some MINI enthusiasts from all around the world are getting surprise gifts on their doorsteps from the MINI Clubs International Office.  Those MINI Space members who submitted their local MINI clubs to the MINI Club Finder are on the gift list.  Included in the package was the following letter:

Dear MINI fan,

We can hardly believe it – there are currently


Mini and MINI fans of our MINI Facebook pages. That’s a huge number which literally shows just how great it is to be part of the MINI Community!

MINI is more than just lifestyle. MINI brings people together from all over the world, across all borders. Whether in Hong Kong, Rome, Buenos Aires, New York, Sydney or Hamburg – everywhere people love to meet, talk and have fun together.

This is mainly due to the work of the worldwide Mini and MINI Club and Community and we should like to express our personal thanks for this with a small gift.

The MINI Clubs International Office rocks your Christmas tree!

We look forward to every picture of our Christmas tree bauble that you post at

On this note, we wish you all Mini and MINI fans a Merry Christmas and a safe passage into the New Year.

Ulrich Arendts
Manager International Club Organisation

Thomas Würtenberger
Head of MINI Clubs International Office

Thanks, MINI!