In October we showed you the MINI Coupé Adventure Room which is a MINI UK microsite devoted to the new MINI Coupe (which is just one of the countries that have this, the US not included).  The site has been expanded to include the MINI Roadster.

Inside of the “Room”, MINI has ten multimedia and interactive sections:

  1. Get a First Look. This a gallery of illustrations of the MINI Roadster.
  2. Step Inside. Tour the inside of the Roadster with an interactive viewer.
  3. Ready for a Close Up? View the Making-of MINI Adventures. Part 1″ video.
  4. Do Try This at Home. “Learn how to catch the rays in style with this handy demonstration video.”
  5. MINI 24 Hour Endurance Race. This is a photo gallery of images from the 24 hour race at the Nürburgring.
  6. Get Blown Away.  Photos of the MINI Coupe undergoing wind-tunnel testing.
  7. Slots of Colours.  The interactive “slot machine” creates random images of the Coupe in three colors.
  8. The Adventure Never Ends.  Another photo gallery of the MINI Coupe, this time for MINIInternational.
  9. Coupé in the Limelight.  Behind-the-scenes video from the MINIInternational photoshoot.
  10. Design Meets Coupé.  “MINI Coupé: Inside the Design Team” video where Anders Warming interviews the design team.