MINI Folding Bike MINI Folding Bike (folded)

In the new MINI MotoringGear 2012 catalog, MINI offers a new vehicle: the MINI Folding Bike.  Available in matte black with a neon yellow bell and chain, the bike can hold up to 231.5 lbs.  The retail price is $543.

From the catalog description:

You love conquering the world in your MINI.  See a new road and four wheels won’t get you there?  It’s time to pull out your MINI Folding Bike.  Built for exploring the city, your MINI Folding Bike is the ultimate in flexible transportation.  No alley is too exotic; there isn’t a nook or cranny you can’t squeeze through.  Take your adventurous lifestyle to the street with your MINI Folding Bike and enjoy limitless freedom.

The MINI Folding Bike is like a MINI on two wheels: the ideal combination of style, design, and innovation. One of the highlights: the lightweight aluminum frame with its matte black finish and silver MINI wordmark on the crossbar.  It’s light weight of just 24 pounds, eight-speed shift system and 20-inch wheels make this bike both agile and fast – in short, an ideal vehicle for the city.  The Teflon®-coated chain protects against soiling and reduces wear, and, just like the bell, it comes in an eye-catching neon yellow.  The comfortable gel saddle ensures that you’d rather be on your bike than off it.

And now for the best feature: the bike can be folded within seconds, thanks to hinges on the crossbar and handlebar stem.  The pedals fold down effortlessly, and lowering the saddle is just as easy.  The transport bag fitted under the saddle enables you to carry the folding bike in style or store it in the boot of your MINI.  It’s the new way to Park and Ride!

The MINI part number is 80 91 2 211 854. MINI FOLDING BIKE