MINI Takes the States 2012 route (unofficial)
MINI USA is about to release the route for MINI Takes the States but we have the route for you today.  As previously reported, MTTS 2012 will run from July 4th to July 15th and the cross-country rally will go from the East Coast to West Coast.  Here are the specific dates and cities along the route:

MINI Takes the States 2012

Date City
7/4 New York, NY
7/4 Washington, DC
7/5 Charlotte, NC
7/6 Nashville, TN
7/7 Louisville, KY
7/8 Chicago, IL
7/9 Omaha, NE
7/10 Denver, CO
7/11 Santa Fe, NM
7/12 Phoenix, AZ
7/13 San Diego, CA
7/14 – 7/15 Los Angeles, CA

Watch for the official details on the MINI Takes the States website.

Update: There’s word that the route is subject to change.  We’ll have updates if and when we get any.

Update 2: The official MINI Takes the States 2012 route announced.