GreenLight MotorWorld MINI Cooper Convertible
We have featured many Hot Wheels, Johnny Lightning, and Matchbox die-cast MINIs, but here is another maker of them.

GreenLight Collectibles produces a Motor World die-cast line in 1:64 scale.  They have produced seven series since 2009, most of which have included MINI models.  The MINIs are part of the Classics and British Editions.

1:64 Motor World die-cast model cars feature 100% authentic metal bodies, plastic chassis, authentic detailed wheels and are officially licensed by the respective automobile companies.  As with GreenLight Collectibles offerings, the “Green Machine” chase car program carries over into the Motor World line with 2% of the production run manufactured in alternate schemes to provide the marketplace with the rare vehicles the collector craves.
  • Series 2 (96020) 2010 – MINI Cooper (British Racing Green)
  • Series 3 (96030) 2010 – MINI Cooper (Chili Red)
  • Series 4 (96040) 2011 – MINI Cooper (Electric Blue) (2,250)
  • Series 5 (96050) 2011 – MINI Cooper Clubman (Lightning Blue) (2,750)
  • Series 6 (96060) 2011 – MINI Cooper Convertible (Liquid Yellow) (2,750)
  • Series 7 (96070) 2012 – MINI Cooper Clubman (Chili Red) (2,750)

GreenLight die-cast cars are available at Toys”R”Us.

GreenLight Motor World MINI Cooper Clubman