MINI Takes the States 2012 ATTENDEE virtual badge MINI Takes the States 2012 COAST TO COAST virtual badge MINI Takes the States 2012 MINIcross virtual badge

If you attended MINI Takes the States 2012, you probably collected several button pins from the cities or sponsors on the route.  Now MINI USA, via Facebook, is offering virtual badges in partnership with Basno.

Whether you joined us for one city or went all the way, we know one thing is for sure: you scanned your badge and you collected your pins. Now that your lanyards are tucked away or are proudly on display for loved ones to see, we want you to show the rest of the world what you accomplished.

We have three virtual badges that you can collect and share via e-mail and on your social networks. Please have your badge number and/or email address handy to identify whether you were an ATTENDEE, went COAST TO COAST or attended a MINIcross event. You can collect your virtual badges here.