MINI Clubs International Office Microfibre Cloth gift

Last year some MINI enthusiasts from all around the world received a surprise gift of a MINI Clubs International Office ornament.  Those MINI Space members who submitted their local MINI clubs to the MINI Club Finder were on the gift list. Again this year, the MINI Clubs International Office sent out gifts, this time it is a Microfibre Cloth for Car Interior from the Original MINI Care Products line.  Included in the package was the following letter:

Dear MINI Fan,

Slowly but surely a fantastic MINI year is drawing to a close.

One particular highlight was the fourth edition of MINI United. This time in the south of France at the Circuit Paul Ricard in Le Castellet. Over 30,000 MINI fans from all over the world had a great party and rocked the weekend together with Gossip.

And right at the heart of it all was the MINI Club Area.  24 international clubs presented themselves to the fans and many new friendships were made. This was a particularly appealing highlight of the event as a whole.

There was one thing that MINI United demonstrated clearly again this year. Across all borders, throughout all cultures, whether male or female, young or old – there is always one shared theme: MINI.

And it’s up to you to make sure this applies beyond MINI United too! That’s right – the MINI Community! Whether you meet up at the bar round the corner at the weekend, set up your own website or use Facebook to communicate with other MINI fans. The main thing is – do it!

We should like to say thank you for your great commitment with a small gift – after all, you always take a shiny MINI to a meet-up, don’t you?

On this note, we offer you season’s greetings and wish you a safe passage into the New Year.

Ulrich Arendts
Manager International Club Organisation

Thomas Würtenberger
Head of MINI Clubs International Office

Thank you, MINI Club International Office!