Go MINI Freestylers: Charge Go MINI Freestylers: Bulldog

Go MINI Freestylers

Go MINI Freestylers are larger than the Go MINI Crew-zers and each has a different feature.

Already available at Toys-R-Us and coming in January 2013 from the MINI MotoringGear catalog are these five Go MINI Freestylers toy cars: Charge, Bulldog, Tiger, Beats, and Revs.  The price is $23.00 each on MINIMotoringGear.com but $22.75 each in the MINI MotoringGear 2012/2013 catalog.

Every freestyler model has a special feature. All are based on the Cooper S. With integrated batteries. Ages: 3 to 99. Dimensions: 4 3/4″ x 5 1/4″ x 7 1/4″. Imported.
Go MINI Freestylers / Revs 80452327868 Emits car noises when pushed or pulled. Awesome animated roof design.
Go MINI Freestylers / Beats 80452327869 With ultra-cool sound and an equalizer on the roof. Available at the touch of a button.
Go MINI Freestylers / Charge 80452327870 With light show, cars sounds and flickering flames on the roof.
Go MINI Freestylers / Tiger 80452327871 Touch the windows to hear the roar of a tiger and fun car sounds.
Go MINI Freestylers / Bulldog 80452327872 Press a button and watch the bulldog come out of hiding and bark.

The Go MINI Freestylers are made by Golden Bear Toys under license from MINI.

Go MINI Freestylers: Tiger Go MINI Freestylers: Beats
Go MINI Freestylers: Revs Go MINI Freestylers