MINI USA JCW GP keychain and letter

Early purchasers of the MINI John Cooper Works GP have started receiving surprise packages from MINI USA.  The black plastic bubble-wrap packages say simply “VELOCI SPOLIA.” in large white letters.

Inside is a custom brushed-metal keychain with the MINI logo on the front and with the words “2013 JCW GP”, the individual number of their GP, and “Veloci Spolia” engraved on the back.

There is also a letter from Jim McDowell, the “Motorer-in-Chief” (also known as the Vice President of MINI USA).  It reads:

Just about every racer we know has a superstition. Whether it’s wearing lucky underwear, lighting a candle before a race, or drinking a double espresso, it helps get you to the finish. And with delivery of your 2013 MINI John Cooper Works GP right around the corner, racing will hopefully be a big part of your life. So, we thought you would appreciate a lucky charm made just for you.

Much like the rare MINI you’ve so patiently waited for, this token of good fortune is one-of-a-kind, featuring your GP’s exclusive serial number and a few words of inspiration. We hope you enjoy it. And, most importantly, that your new MINI helps keep your spirit and adrenal glands in top form.

Veloci Spolia,*

Jim McDowell

Jim McDowell

*To the fast, go the spoils.

MINI USA JCW GP keychain (back)