comparing BMW 1-Series and MINI Hardtop front overhang

2014 MINI Hardtop and BMW 1-Series front overhang

MINI has always been known for its bulldog stance with its wheels pushed out to the corners of the car.  Since the early spy photos of the third-generation MINI Hardtop (F56), there has been much discussion about the growth of the model, especially with the front overhang.  The longer overhang and the height of the bonnet have grown to meet European pedestrian safety standards.  MINI acknowledges that the new Hardtop’s front overhang has grown but that it is still much shorter than its competitors.  But how does it compare to BMW’s own 1-Series?

Comparing the published specifications for the current BMW 1-Series Coupe with those of the 2014 MINI Hardtop, we find something surprising.  The MINI Cooper’s front overhang is 749 mm, which is only 2 mm shorter than the 1-Series’ front overhang of 751 mm.  However, the longer 757 mm front overhang of the MINI Cooper S is actually 6 mm longer than the BMW’s.

We’ll have more on the MINI Hardtop dimensions and specifications soon.

One thought on “comparing BMW 1-Series and MINI Hardtop front overhang

  • Matthew

    BMW/MINI consistently cites pedestrian impact regulations for MINI’s increasing overhang, but the F56’s boot (and presumably all future F models?) have also increased in length by around an inch.

    MINI has acknowledged that owner surveys motivated the relocation of the window switches and the center speedometer. I can only assume that the increased boot dimension was similarly motivated.

    I for one can not wait for MINI to introduce a smaller MINI…but based on every single model announced since the R50/53 the trend is toward bigger not MINIer.

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