MINI USA Owners' Network ending

MINI USA posted the following note announcing the end of the MINI USA Owners’ Network as we have known it:


The Owners’ Network had a fantastic run, but is long overdue for a serious tune-up. So, on January 1st, the sun is setting on the Owners’ Network. However, the passion for motoring you all helped inspire is already thriving in other MINI communities. So if you’re not already a part of them, bring your enthusiasm for motoring and all things MINI to our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube pages. There’s a lot going on there and we want you to be a part of it.

As far as the Owners’ Network goes, don’t fret: we’ve got something new coming in 2014. But until then, be sure to download and cherish any memories you’ve made on the Owners’ Network. Then, head on over to the communities below to rally the motoring troops, make new memories, and share your expertise as some of the most grizzled and veteran Motorers out there.

Visit the MINI USA Owners’ Network and save any information you’d like to keep.