MINI USA sales from 2002 to 2013

 MINI Cooper 2001-2013


Now that MINI USA has released its sales figures for 2013, let’s look at the yearly sales since the launch in 2002.

MINI USA had its best sales figures ever in 2013, just barely beating the previous year’s record sales by less than 1%.  Annual sales in the US have risen steadily since launch with only two years having declines in sales: -4.0% in 2006 (the last year of the first generation) and -16.4% more recently in 2009 due mainly to the poor economy.  Sales have increased for the past four years as the economy has improved and MINI has launched more models.  The MINI Countryman sales figures have been strong, but it’s unclear how many sales of other models it cannibalized, especially those of the MINI Clubman.  With the model changeover, the production delay of the third-generation Hardtop, and the lack of a MINI John Cooper Works Hardtop in the lineup, MINI USA will be hard-pressed to top its 2013 sales figures.

In the twelve model years since the MINI USA launch on March 22, 2002, MINI has sold 553,750 vehicles.



calendar year USA deliveries change from previous year launch to date
2002 24,590 n/a 24,590
2003 36,010 46.4% 60,600
2004 36,032 0.1% 96,632
2005 40,820 13.0% 137,452
2006 39,171 -4.0% 176,623
2007 42,045 7.3% 218,668
2008 54,077 28.6% 272,745
2009 45,225 -16.4% 317,970
2010 45,644 0.9% 363,614
2011 57,511 26.0% 421,125
2012 66,123 15.0% 487,248
2013 66,502 0.6% 553,750

Tomorrow we will have MINI USA sales figures by model (body style).

2 thoughts on “MINI USA sales from 2002 to 2013

  • Ty Nelson


    I am a 2002 Mini Cooper (Canadian) owner, and believe I have quite a rare find, but looking for help on your site, or as to where I may find more sales and/or production number information.

    I am a late 2002 model owner (built after May 2002), in the rarest color Mini has produced – Silk Green Metallic. Mine is a Cooper (non-S model), 5 speed, with the white roof, white mirror caps, factory white 15” wheels, panoramic roof, and heated seats… More so than anything, I am trying to determine, simply by primary color, secondary color, and options; if I have a one of one, or how many were built like it.

    Any help would be much appreciated! VIN# and any other details can be provided.

    Thank you,

    Ty Nelson

  • James Day Post author

    To my knowledge MINI has not released production figures broken down by color. But you are correct that your Silk Green MINI Cooper is quite rare and the chances of there being an exact copy of your MINI is small.

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