2002 MINI Cooper

If you are a MINI owner waiting for compensation from several class action lawsuits, you’ll be waiting a little longer.  The cases involved are Aarons v. BMW of North America LLCBourne-Miller v. BMW of North America LLC, and Bonomo v. BMW of North America LLC.  They involve owners of 2002-2006 MINI Cooper Hardtops and 2005-2008 MINI Cooper Convertibles with the automatic Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT).

A prior objection to the terms of the settlement was lost before the judgement was made.  However, it contained no new objection that wasn’t already addressed and the settlement is expected to go forward.

According to the settlement, MINI owners who joined the class action lawsuit and who had their CVT repaired or replaced by BMW or MINI will get a 3 year/500,000 mile parts and labor warranty from the date/mileage of the repair or replacement.  Those who who sold their MINI for $4,000 or less without repairing the CVT could receive $1,000 to $2,000 in compensation.