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We’ve posted about many BSSP ad campaigns for MINI USA over the years.  Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners have won many awards for their work for MINI USA including recent ad campaigns “MINI vs. Porsche”, “MINI Rocks the Rivals”, and “Motor-Tober”.  They will continue to create marketing campaigns for MINI USA.

Periodically MINI USA holds agency reviews due to BMW’s purchasing policy requirements.  Back in January, MINI USA released an RFP for most of its creative marketing work.  After a multi-stage review process, BSSP won the contract.


Woodcliff Lake, NJ – May 29, 2012…  MINI USA announced today that after a thorough RFP process, Butler, Shine, Stern and Partners (BSSP) from Sausalito, California has been named as the advertising agency of record for MINI brand and dealer co-op advertising in the U.S. BSSP has been responsible for MINI USA advertising since late 2005, and will continue to support the business moving forward through the duration of this new three-year contract.

“The pitch delivered by BSSP outlined clear strategic vision for MINI’s future growth, detailed consumer insights as well as an abundance of creative ideas,” said Tom Salkowsky, Manager – MINI USA Marketing. “BSSP demonstrated that while their team was the incumbent, they are far from complacent, and have the creative edge that we will need to move the MINI brand forward in an increasingly competitive segment.”

The new contract begins in June 2012, and extends for three years. It will include BSSP supporting MINI national brand creative, regional and dealer creative, as well as media planning and buying for both national and co-op advertising. The decision-making panel was comprised of representatives from MINI USA Marketing and a representative from the global MINI Marketing team, Purchasing, Sales and the MINI USA dealer network.

“This was an incredibly challenging brief and process as we were competing with a strong set of talented agencies,” said John Butler, Executive Creative Director at BSSP. “We are extremely proud to have successfully defended the MINI business, and we’re thrilled that we will have the opportunity to bring some of the agency’s new creative ideas to life over the coming years.”

MINI USA’s interactive work (MINI, MINI dealer websites and social media) is currently supported by BEAM Interactive in Boston, Massachusetts; and Sanders Wingo in Austin, Texas was appointed in September 2011 to support all the Multi cultural marketing activities.

Read BSSP’s reaction to the award in their blog post We retain MINI, and add global duties to boot (Get it?).

See many of the live action, video, and print ads by BSSP.

BSSP wins many ADDY awards for MINI work

BSSP MINI Coupe Launch Stunt

Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners took home several SF ADDY awards this year for their advertising work for MINI USA. BSSP won for its “MINI Rocks the Rivals” and MINI Coupe launch campaigns.

The annual awards are presented by the Greater San Francisco Ad Club.

Division Winners

  • Collateral Material: Poster (single) – MINI Rocks the Rivals Test Drive POS Poster
  • Direct Marketing – MINI Rocks the Rivals Test Drive Direct Mail
  • Out-of-Home – MINI Coupe Rocket OOH Stunt
  • Consumer or Trade Publication – MINI Coupe Launch Dwell Print Ad
  • Television – MINI Best Test Drive Cinema Film

Silvers & Golds

  • Collateral Material: Poster (single) GOLD – MINI Rocks the Rivals Test Drive POS Poster
  • Direct Marketing: Business to Business (Flat) GOLD – MINI Rocks the Rivals Test Drive Direct Mail
  • Out-of-Home: Campaign GOLD – MINI Coupe Rocket OOH Stunt
  • Consumer or Trade Pub: Full Page (4-color) GOLD – MINI Coupe Launch Dwell Print Ad
  • Television: Cinema Advertising (In-Theater Commercials or Slides) GOLD – MINI Best Test Drive Cinema Film
  • Mixed/Multiple Media: Consumer, Regional/National GOLD – MINI Rocks the Rivals Test Drive Campaign

See the entire list of 2012 SF ADDY Award Winners.

BSSP creates Manual Up ad campaign

Manual Up - MINI Manual Driving School banner

MINI USA’s advertising agency Butler, Shine, Stern + Partners (BSSP) is launching a new ad campaign promoting the manual transmission.  “Manual Up” is the slogan with several clever taglines playing on the word “stick”.  MINI owners already have one of the highest rates of manual transmission purchasing.  According to Thomas Salkowsky, MINI brand marketing manager:

[A]bout 34% of buyers of the Clubman, the MINI Cooper convertible and the hard top buy the manual version, and that even for the AWD version of the Countryman, MINI’s answer for a crossover, the manual take rate is about 30%.

Manual Up - STICK HAPPENS. posterManual Up - EXHILARATION ON A STICK. posterOne wonders if the shortage of AISIN manual transmissions from Japan prompted this campaign, especially since dealers are offering a $500 discount for MINIs with a manual transmission.

It is unclear whether there will be print ads, but BSSP has created banner ads and posters. MINI USA’s Facebook page will have an ad that “communicates ‘Manualhood’ and exhilaration”.  Much like Crispin Porter + Bogusky did for the launch of the MINI Convertible, BSSP will set up a phone number 855-MANUAL-UP (855-626-8258) with a “humorous message about what it means to be in the ‘hood”.

A note for MINI collectors: the ad campaign will feature posters, car antenna toppers, and a dealer “Manualhood” Motoring Manual.

See more Manual Up advertising materials on BSSP’s blog post TIME TO MANUAL UP.

Read more about the Manual Up marketing campaign at MediaPost News Mini: Get In Touch With Your Inner ‘Manualhood’.

BSSP: virtual MINI Countryman app

virtual MINI Countryman app

From Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners:

Our new virtual MINI app lets consumers view the new MINI Countryman in any real-world environment they want–the peak of a mountain, the foot of a waterfall, or even their very own garage.  Consumers can select from a variety of different configurations, view the vehicle at various angles, take pictures and upload them to share with friends. To launch the app we ran an ad in Wired with a QR code that sent users to the app store. We’re getting quite a bit of coverage.

See more photos at Try a MINI Countryman on for size.

Download the app from the iTunes App Store.

BSSP: MINI Countryman Billboard in Times Square

MINI Countryman Billboard in Times Square

Following up on the first MINI Countryman billboard, MINI USA’s advertising agency Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners has created a much larger building wrap billboard in Times Square.  BSSP describes it:

Amidst the clutter, neon and noise of Times Square we used the launch of the all-new four-wheel drive MINI Countryman to do something simple, quiet and, dare we say, beautiful. The eight panel OOH takeover has two fiberglass Countryman mounted on an idyllic mountain scene with the words: Let it Snow.

See more photos at BSSP’s Let It Snow in Times Square.

BSSP: MINI Countryman billboard

MINI Countryman billboard

Following up on the MINI Countryman snowglobe installation, MINI Countryman Family Pack installation, and MINI Countryman NYC stunt, MINI USA’s advertising agency Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners has created the first MINI Countryman billboard.

The new billboard is located in Chicago and features a True Blue and White MINI Countryman over the slogan “GOES WELL OVER ICE.”


BSSP: MINI Countryman NYC stunt

MINI Countryman NYC stunt

Butler, Stern, Shine & Partners created another installation to market the new MINI Countryman, this time a moving one.  Alluding to the marketing stunt from 2002 when Crispin Porter + Bogusky mounted MINIs on the tops of large SUVs, the current stunt has the new MINI Countryman as the SUV carrying a classic Mini on the roof.  From the BSSP website:

When MINI first launched in the US they mounted one on top of an SUV to show just how small it was. Well, with the launch of the all-new, four-wheel drive Countryman, MINI isn’t so mini anymore. So we simply couldn’t resist mounting a classic MINI on top of the Countryman, to show just how much we’ve grown. The copy on the side of the Countryman reads: “Holds everything you need for a fun weekend.”

See more photos on the BSSP website.

Below is the original stunt:

CP+B MINI stunt (Chili Red)

CP+B MINI stunt (Indi Blue)