• Welcome to the Library of Motoring 5.0

    It has been more than seven years since the Library of Motoring 4.0 launched on January 1, 2015 with an updated design. So it was well-overdue for a redesign. From 2010 through 2016, the focus […]

  • MINI apps guide added to reference section

    A new reference page for MINI apps was added to the Library of Motoring today. The MINI apps guide is a comprehensive list of Mini and MINI apps for Android and Apple and a few […]

  • Library of Motoring is now on Facebook

    We finally have a Library of Motoring Facebook page! If you enjoy reading and referencing the Library of Motoring, please “Like” our page.  We need 25 “fans” to register a custom Facebook username and URL.  […]

  • new header images

    For the start of the new year, we have added over a dozen new header images.  A random image will show each time the page is loaded.  Enjoy!