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MINI apps guide added to reference section

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A new reference page for MINI apps was added to the Library of Motoring today. The MINI apps guide is a comprehensive list of Mini and MINI apps for Android and Apple and a few for BlackBerry and Windows Phone.

MINI’s official MINI Connected app connects your mobile phone to your MINI if it has the MINI Connected option.  In addition, there are several MINI Connected-compatible apps that add more functionality.

Finally, there are many third-party apps which allow you to read Mini- and MINI-related magazines and blogs.

See the MINI apps page at

welcome to the library of motoring 3.0

I started the first Library of Motoring website on January 1, 2005 as a place to catalog MINI advertisements, brochuresbooks, and magazines for fellow collectors.  That has continued through the years while adding on features such as the MINI Wheel Guide, MINI Colors list, MINI Chronology, and MINI Specifications pages.

Now on its fifth anniversary and with version 3.0, there is a full blog which will contain MINI updates such as facts and figures, events, interesting MINI stories, book reviews, and a bit of news.  It will not try to be a complete news blog since there are already others doing that.

Since the library holds a large collection of MINI collectibles, one new feature will be the Collectible of the Day.  We will feature a different MINI collectible each day for 365 days.  If you can think of an object, MINI has probably made one and branded it!

As with all libraries, the collection is ever-expanding.  Soon to come are complete charts of MINI Production and Sales figures.  Other sections to be updated include MINI audiovisuals indexes, MINI Special Editions, and the MINI Reference section including a MINI Dictionary.  Online services to be added or expanded include a MINI event calendar, Delicious bookmarks, MINI Websites search engine, and possibly even a shop.  Please use the Contact page if there is something you would like to see added to the library.

Thanks for reading and come back often.

the new library of motoring

Welcome to the new Library of Motoring.

Begun in January 2005, the Library of Motoring is a place for Mini and MINI information, audio and video, books and brochures, print ads and inserts, fact and figures, and links.

New to the website will be news articles covering MINI, the MINI community, and noteworthy events.  No library would be complete without a collection of MINI in print, so articles will include MINI book and magazine reviews.  The Library has a large collection of MINI ephemera and will highlight its collection over 2010 in a daily feature called “Collectible of the Day”.

The website is still evolving.  Expect a full relaunch on January 1, 2010.