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Grassroots Motorsports: MINI Cooper Buyer’s Guide

The December 2011 issue of Grassroots Motorosports December 2011Grassroots Motorsports magazine is out now and it contains a complete MINI Cooper buyer’s guide.  The article begins with a brief history of BMW’s acquisition of Mini to create the MINI brand.  It covers the early years of the MINI in the US.  One table lists the year-by-year changes from 2002 to 2006.

Getting to the actual buyer’s guide, the advice covers the first-generation Cooper (R50) and Cooper S (R53) models.  The author enlists the help of MINI aftermarket vendors including Sneed’s Speed Shop, Mini Mania, and Way Motor Works.  For example, here’s Way Hunsucker on engine mounts:

Hunsucker recommends examining the engine mounts on any used MINI. “The passenger-side mounts on all years go bad. The later ones, anything mid-’04 and on, has basically a metal can, and the fluid will leak out—that’s how you tell if it’s bad. The earlier ones are rubber but still fluid-filled. They get short as they age and that tears the other mounts.” Polyurethane replacements are available.

The guide covers:

  • Body and Interior
  • Engine and Drivetrain
  • Suspension and Brakes



The MINI International iPad App

MINI’s automotive, travel, and style magazine is now available as an app for the Apple iPad.

From BMW Group PressClub Global:

Munich. THE MINI INTERNATIONAL magazine will be released as an iPad app in German and English in the iTunes App Store on 13 September 2011 in time for the start of the IAA International Motor Show.The MINI INTERNATIONAL app is different. It not only allows MINI fans to experience the contents of the printed edition in multimedia form but also provides a weekly update with all the latest news: a MINI “best-of” from the blogs and websites, and These three partners will help ensure that THE MINI INTERNATIONAL app stays exciting and up-to-the-minute.

The app will feature articles from THE MINI INTERNATIONAL with even more pictures, exciting videos and audio-visual streams – as well as weekly bulletins on the MINI brand, lifestyle, culture, art and other topics of interest to MINI fans. The app’s interface concept is based on the printed edition and, like the magazine itself, is also characterised by its aesthetic design. Interesting feeds and an integrated Facebook share function guarantee perfect networking.

A multimedia special that ties in with the international campaign “Another Day. Another Adventure.” will be released to mark the launch of the MINI Coupé, as well as a film documenting the MINI Clubman video art on display at the IAA.

THE MINI INTERNATIONAL print magazine is published twice a year, in March and September. THE MINI INTERNATIONAL application will be released at the same time as the print version and will also be updated on a weekly basis through feeds from partner websites and the official MINI online channels.

Download the THE MINI INTERNATIONAL app from the iTunes App Store.

MC2 Magazine issues 28-32 now online

MC2 Magazine issue 28
We announced in April that MC2 Magazine launched its online magazine.  Now they have released issues 28 through 32 online.

Read MC2 issues 28-32 for free:

MC2 Magazine plans to add more issues in the near future.

MC2 launches online magazine

MC2 magazine Issue 28
MC2 magazine has gone digital.  The North American MINI magazine launched an online version of itself beginning with Issue 28 for October-November 2010.  Read the online version at

In addition to the magazine, MC2 plans to roll out a few more MINI-related websites.  Later this month, a new GoMotoring website will launch.  According to the announcement email, the site will be a “daily news, info, club, event calendar, event coverage for Mini & MINI site”.  The current RSS feed site at will be replaced.

Also coming soon is MINI Cooper Videos, “[t]he world’s only stand-alone automotive video site”.  To upload videos, you will have to request a password.  Submitted videos will be reviewed and only those selected will be added to the gallery.  Visit MINI Cooper Videos at


collectible of the day: New MINI Style Magazine

New MINI Style Magazine Vol. 8

New MINI Style Magazine Vol. 8

New MINI Style Magazine Vol. 26

New MINI Style Magazine Vol. 26

Japan has been a big market for MINI going back to the classic Mini days.  Sales to Japan helped keep the Mini going during the 1980s when sales elsewhere declined.  Japan probably has more MINI magazines than any other country.  We previously featured MINI SPIRITS magazine.

New MINI Style Magazine is another long-running Japanese MINI magazine.  It has been published quarterly since Spring 2004.  The current issue is Summer 2010 Vol. 26 (shown near left).

The cover price is ¥1,300 or around $15.

Buy current and back issues from

collectible of the day: Modern MINI magazine

Modern MINI magazine
Modern MINI is a bi-monthly magazine from the UK which started publication in 2006.

From the Modern MINI website:

Modern MINI is the only dedicated publication for the BMW MINI on the news stands in the UK. Bi-monthly, we provide the best roundup of the new MINI scene. Covering the latest news, the magazine’s also got technical advice and detailed practical articles, offering step-by-step guidance on maintenance and modifying topics of interest to any owner whether you’re handy with a spanner or not. There’s also a comprehensive club section, The Vibe, providing an excellent roundup of the owner’s clubs and forums, with show reports, events diary and more. Plus we feature real owners’ cars, covering enthusiasts from around the world.

Visit the Modern MINI website.

collectible of the day: GoMini magazine

GoMini Issue 1
GoMini was a new MINI magazine from the UK from the publishers of Mini Magazine.

Shown here is Issue 1 from Dec/Jan 2004.  The first issue sold for £3.80 and featured articles on a modified MINI One, Jeremy Clarkson on the MINI, The Italian Job (2003), news, MINI products, best MINI websites, and more over its 114 pages.

A sheet of four postcards was included in the magazine.

GoMini was published monthly for 24 issues before ending with the November 2005 issue.

collectible of the day: MINI SPIRITS magazine





We have featured several magazines during the year, but none quite as exotic to Western MINI owners as the Japanese MINI SPIRITS magazine.

The large issues covered both the classic Mini and the new MINI.  Shown here is Vol. 1 (right) and Vol. 2 (far right).  It appears that only four issues were published from December 2002 to June 2003.

ISBN-10: 4894615061
ISBN-13: 978-4894615069

ISBN-10: 4894615142
ISBN-13: 978-4894615144

ISBN-10: 4894615193
ISBN-13: 978-4894615199

ISBN-10: 4894615282
ISBN-13: 978-4894615281

Back issues of MINI SPIRITS are still available at Buy Vol. 01, Vol. 02, Vol. 03, and Vol. 04.

collectible of the day: MINI Scene International number 1

MINI Scene International number 1
MINI Scene International magazine is a German magazine that preceded format:MINI magazine (which we featured in February).  It covers both MINIs and classic Minis and according to the cover is an “unabhängiges Magazin für die Mini Community” (independent Magazine for the MINI community).  The magazine is written in German and published approximately quarterly.

Shown is issue number 1 for October-December 2005.  Covering 90 pages, the premier issue featured Let’s MINI 2005 in Loreley, MINI news, Mini Seven Club Nederland, a classic Mini Van, the Mothers Motorsports MINI (with fold-out centerfold poster), a classic Mini Moke, and many custom Minis and MINIs.

Visit the MINI Scene International website.