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MINI 5-Door Hatch UK press kit

MINI 5-door Hatch

Just ahead of the world debut of the MINI 5 Door in Paris, MINI UK released a press kit with everything you want to know about what they call the MINI 5-Door Hatch.

Below you can download the Cooper and Cooper D specifications, the presentation, and the press release (PDF).

See the MINI UK press release MINI 5-DOOR HATCH PRESS PACK for all of the photos.

2013 MINI Owner’s Manuals now available online

Owner's Manual (2013 Hardtop / Clubman) Owner's Manual (2013 Coupe / Roadster / Convertible) Owner's Manual (2013 Countryman / Paceman)

MINI USA has posted electronic versions of the 2013 MINI Owner’s Manuals.  They are now available from the MINI Owners’ Lounge website, be we have them here.

2013 MINI Owner’s Manuals:

We have previous Owner’s Manuals, as well.

Owner's Manual (2013 Clubvan) Owner's Manual (2013 John Cooper Works GP)

classic Mini archive by MK1 Performance Conversions

MK1 Performance Conversions website

If you visit the Library of Motoring for the MINI archive of ads, books, brochures, and manuals and are a fan of the classic Mini, check out the website of MK1 Performance Conversions.  This UK website has an extensive archive of classic Mini advertisements, brochures, documents, press releases, and manuals.

inside MINI USA: The MINI University

THE MINI UNIVERSITYSo much goes on behind-the-scenes at MINI USA.  The corporate staff from the offices in New Jersey work very closely with the nationwide dealer network.  Part of MINI USA’s role, through The MINI University, is to train dealership staff in these roles:

• MINI Motoring Advisor
• MINI Service Advisor
• MINI Sales Manager
• MINI Service Manager

Each time a new MINI model is developed, sales and service people attend training sessions on the new product features and service issues.

The mission of The MINI University:

To support career growth & develop people by providing tools & skills that result in selling more vehicles, service & parts the MINI Way, ultimately creating & maintaining customer loyalty & dealer profitability.

Visit The MINI University Facebook page to get a peek into training at MINI USA.

Living Motorsport Legend website coming soon


Having already launched a MINI Motorsport Facebook page, MINI has a teaser image on its forthcoming website devoted to motorsport.  Called “MINI. THE LIVING MOTORSPORT LEGEND.”, the site will focus on the World Rally Championship at launch.  The date 11 April 2011 is for the ultimate premiere of the MINI WRC program and the final configuration of the MINI Countryman WRC.

Watch for the new MINI Motorsport website at

social networking sites for MINI (updated)

Facebook logoMINI has always stood for fun, community, and technology, so it’s not surprising that MINI embraced the Internet and social networking. Not just for marketing, but to connect a community of MINI owners. From the start, MINI USA created an Owners’ Lounge on its website to give owners a place to discuss and show off their MINIs. They have created official blogs and event websites. MINI has also taken advantage of popular social networking sites to reach out to MINI owners, potential owners, and fans.

official websites

MINI Owners’ Lounge – Official MINI USA website. Must own a MINI and set up an account (by VIN).

MINI Space – Site with creative projects, competitions, events, thoughts, and ideas, by MINI.

social networking sites

Facebook | MINI – Official MINI Facebook page.

Facebook | MINI Challenge – Official Facebook page for the German MINI racing series.

Facebook | MINI Countryman – Official Facebook fan page for the launch of the MINI Countryman.

Facebook | MINI Motorsport – Meet fans and motorsport enthusiasts, get the latest news, and share your best pics.

Facebook | MINI Space – Official Facebook page for the MINI Space website.

Facebook | MINI United – Official Facebook page for MINI United.

Facebook | MINI USA – Official Facebook page for MINI USA.

MySpace – Hammer & Coop – MySpace site for the Hammer & Coop online episodes.

Twitter @MINI – Official MINI Twitter page.

Twitter @MINI Space – Official Twitter page for the “Creative use of Space. An urban initiative by MINI.”

Twitter @MINI United – Official Twitter page for MINI United.

YouTube – MINI’s Channel – Official site for MINI video ads, announcements, premiers, and events.

YouTube – MINI Motorsport’s Channel – Official site for MINI Motorsports videos and events.

YouTube – MINI USA’s Channel – Official site for MINI USA video ads, announcements, premiers, and events.

smartphone apps

MINI LINK App – Official MINI USA social networking app for the Apple iPhone.

mobile MINI USA website launched

MINI USA mobile website homepage

MINI USA mobile website 2011 Models

MINI USA quietly launched a mobile version of its website recently.  For a long time, MINI USA’s Flash-based website did not work on mobile phones, so MINI USA addressed the problem with this new mobile-friendly site at

Under each model, you can view COLORS, GALLERY, TOP FEATURES, PERFORMANCE, PERFORMANCE SPECS, SAFETY, and FULL FEATURE LIST.  Although the mobile site doesn’t allow you to build a MINI, it will show you the selected model in your choice of body and roof color (with, oddly, no color names shown).  The GALLERY offers lots of videos for a mobile website.  Jump straight to the FULL FEATURE LIST for specifications, packages, and options with prices.

Current owners can log into MINI Financial Services to make payments, watch About Your MINI videos, and download MINI Apps.

At the bottom, the FIND A DEALER link takes you to a page where you can locate your nearest dealer(s) by ZIP Code or your current location.  The STAY IN THE LOOP page allows you to submit your email address to join the MINI email list.