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collectible of the day: Phil Wicks autograph

Phil Wicks autograph

If you have been around the classic Mini or MINI scene for a while, then you know about Phil Wicks.  Phil has over 50 years of racing experience, some of that in Minis and MINIs.   He drove the red Mini in the original version of “The Italian Job”.  He later began the North American MINI Cooper Challenge.

Currently Phil owns and operates the Phil Wicks MINI Driving Academy, a performance driving school for MINI Cooper (and other) owners.  If you complete his course, you’ll get his autograph on your certificate of completion.

Find out more about Phil and his MINI Driving academy at www.minidriving.com.

collectible of the day: Jim McDowell autograph

Jim McDowell autograph

Most car owners, and even car enthusiasts, couldn’t tell you the name of the person running their favorite car brand.  But many MINI owners can not only tell you his name, but can say they have met him and even motored with him.

James L. “Jim” McDowell is Vice President of MINI USA.  He’s a Harvard graduate and formerly worked at Porsche.  Jim joined BMW in 1993 and “famously” traded jobs with Jack Pitney to become the head of MINI USA in 2005.  For an automotive executive, Jim is highly accessible.  He often attends major events like MINI Takes the States and most new MINI dealership openings and will gladly chat and sign an autograph.

Jim might be most famous, however, for his recent challenge to Porsche:

collectible of the day: John Michael Cooper autograph

John Michael Cooper autograph

This is the second in our series of Mini-/MINI-related autographs.  Last month we featured the Rauno Aaltonen autograph.

Michael Cooper, who took over the John Cooper Works company from his father John Cooper, is actually named John Michael Cooper.  When he signs his name, he writes “John Cooper”.  Mike is often at major MINI meets like MINI United and MINI Takes the States and will gladly give you his autograph.  He signed the dashboards of some of the MINI GPs at the delivery in Monterey at the beginning of MINI Takes the States 2006.

John Michael Cooper autograph on MINI GP dashboard

Mike Cooper signing autograph

collectible of the day: Rauno Aaltonen autograph

Rauno Aaltonen autograph

Rauno Aaltonen
If you are a MINI fanatic and an autograph collector, there are a few names you want to have: John Cooper, Mike Cooper, Frank Stephenson, Gert Hildebrand, Phil Wicks, Paddy Hopkirk, and Rauno Aaltonen.

Today we feature the autograph of Rauno Aaltonen, “The Flying Finn” and legendary Mini rally champion.  If you attended any of the big MINI events such as Let’s MINI 2005, MINI Takes the States 2008, or MINI United 2009, you might have met him.