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collectible of the day: MINI Lying Plush Bulldog

MINI Lying Bulldog
This unusual and possibly rare MINI Lying Plush Bulldog was purchased in March 2004 from a MINI dealer.  It has a similar look, with the same MINI collar as the original MINI Plush Bulldog only it lies flat instead of sitting up.

It would seem to be part of the MINI MotoringGear collection, but does not appear in any of the known catalogs.

Please contact us if you know anything about this item.

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collectible of the day: MINI Plush Bulldog

MINI Plush Bulldog
We have previously featured the two current MINI bulldogs: the Standing Plush Bulldog with Jacket from MINI MotoringGear in the US and the Bulldog Soft Toy from the MINI Lifestyle Shop in Europe.

Today we feature the original MINI Bulldog from the MotoringGear 2003 collection.  The original plush bulldog wears a MINI collar only.  From the MINI MotoringGear Holiday 2004 catalog:


Approx. 12″ tall.  Bulldog stance with MINI collar.

99 00 0 003 473


We’ll have one more rare MINI bulldog before the year’s end.

collectible of the day: Bulldog Soft Toy

Bulldog Soft Toy
Back in January we featured the current Standing Plush Bulldog with Jacket from MINI MotoringGear.

The MINI Shop on the MINI international website offers a different Bulldog Soft Toy.  Similar to the US one, this standing bulldog wears a MINI collar and black shirt with the MINI logo on the back.

Bulldog Soft Toy
Art. No.: 80 23 2 151 558

Free-standing furry bulldog with “MINI” collar and black dog shirt with the MINI wing logo print on the back. Dimensions: 35 cm x 25 cm.

You can order this bulldog and have it shipped to the US. See the MINI Shop website.

collectible of the day: Standing Plush Bulldog with Jacket

Standing Plush Bulldog with Jacket
The mascot of the MINI since launch has been the bulldog.  And since then, MINI USA has offered a plush bulldog.  The original standing MINI Plush Bulldog wore just a collar with MINI on it.  For a brief time, circa 2004, there was a lying plush bulldog.  The current standing plush bulldog now sports a red jacket. From the MotoringGear catalog:


Iconic and infinitely huggable MINI mascot stands approximately 10.5″ tall and comes dressed in removable, red track jacket with the MINI wordmark. Polyester fiber/polyurethane foam. Imported.

80 28 0 443 583


Buy one from your local MINI dealer.