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collectible of the day: MINI One D Media Launch candy

MINI One D Media Launch candyMINI One D Media Launch candy
MINI One D Media Launch candy (detail)
MINI has used plenty of candy as promotional items through the years.

The one shown here is for the MINI One D Media Launch on the Isle of Man in May 2003. The hard stick candy has a red outer layer with a white center. Running through the white middle is the word “MINI” in black (see detail, right).

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collectible of the day: sugarfree gum (2010)

sugarfree gum (2010) (front)

sugarfree gum (2010) (back)

Perhaps the newest MINI collectible available, MINI USA is making these packs of sugarfree gum available for MINI dealers to order.  On the front are the three current Cooper models: MINI Cooper Convertible, MINI Cooper Hardtop, and MINI Cooper Clubman.  On the back the packaging lists the hp, MSRP, 0-60 mph time, torque, mpg, and nickname for the three models.  Inside are 12 pieces of mint gum.

This pack is courtesy of Lauderdale MINI.  Check your local MINI dealer to see if they have them.

sugarfree gum (2010) (open)

collectible of the day: MINI SMINT

Around the time of the MINI launch in the US, MINI USA partnered with SMINT to create a special edition package.  Many dealers included a box or two with the delivery of a new MINI.  Some continue to give them away today.

The MINI SMINT box has the MINI wordmark and logo on the front.  On the back is “GET FRESH. GO MOTOR.”  Each box contains 40 tiny, triangular mints dispensed one-at-a-time from the bottom.

The MINI SMINT is an official MINI item with a part number: 99 00 0 003 820.

The manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) from MINI is $1.89 per box.